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01-14-2016, 05:44 AM
i post this here before i noodle it because i am genuinely curious as to the answer.

i will not post my findings until someone posts the correct age...

(google it if you are stumped)

N TX Dave
01-14-2016, 10:54 AM
The average age of an SB winning head coach is 49. Or 48.869 to be more specific.
There are only four cases where a coach over 60 has won the Super Bowl and only six cases where a coach 55 years or older has won. On the other hand, only three coaches younger than 40 have won, but obviously a younger coach would be less likely to win a Super Bowl due to lack of experience. That's probably why the number of SB-winning coaches in their 40s is so high. In 26 (out of 47, mind you) cases, an SB-winning coach was between the ages of 42-49. If you include ages 50-54, it's 38 out of 47 (it's either 37 or 38, I x'd out of my excel spreadsheet). It may sound kinda obvious, but it's not something we think about often. The age of a coach that's in their prime? We talk about running backs who are in their prime, tend to drop off at 29. Great quarterbacks tend to play until ages 36-38 and are usually in their prime between the ages of 28-33. But coaches in their prime? It would be safe to say that would be 42-51.