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05-19-2016, 08:00 PM
We’re approaching the dead period of the NFL offseason, which gives us an opportunity to step back and relive some of the good and the bad from the league’s history books. In this particular case, it’s all bad. Based primarily on statistical performances, here’s a look at the 12 worst quarterback performances in modern NFL (post-1970 merger) history.
12. Peyton Manning, Broncos: Nov. 15, 2015 vs. Chiefs: Clearly injured, the most prolific passer in NFL history completed just five of 20 passes for only 35 yards while throwing four interceptions before being replaced in the third quarter. It’s the only 0.0 rating on at least 20 attempts in the last decade. At least the rest of Manning’s career worked out pretty well.
11. Tim Hasselbeck, Redskins: Dec. 14, 2003 vs. Cowboys — The career backup completed just six of 26 passes for 56 yards while throwing four interceptions in a 27-0 loss to Dallas.
10. Joe Namath, Jets: Oct. 19, 1975 vs. Dolphins — Quarterbacks were far less statistically efficient 40 years ago, but there’s still no excuse for what the Hall of Fame pivot did in a 43-0 home loss to the rival Dolphins that Sunday at Shea Stadium. The man barely had more completions (eight) than interceptions (six) while passing for only 96 yards on 24 attempts. His passer rating that day? 6.9. And he’s the only player in NFL history to throw six interceptions on fewer than 25 pass attempts.
9. Don Gault, Browns: Oct. 3, 1970 vs. Steelers: In his only NFL start and his last NFL game, only three weeks into the modern NFL era, the rookie out of Hofstra threw 16 passes. Thirteen of them landed incomplete, while two were intercepted. His only completion, however, went for 44 yards.
8. Jeff Kemp, Seahawks: Sept. 25, 1988 vs. 49ers: Kemp completed just a single six-yard pass on 12 attempts while throwing three interceptions before mercifully being replaced by Kelly Stouffer, who completed 11 of his 15 passes in a 38-7 loss.
7. Dan Pastorini, Oilers: Oct. 23, 1977 vs. Steelers: Pastorini and Archie Manning are the only players ever to throw five interceptions on fewer than 20 pass attempts. And on this date, Pastorini needed only 15. He actually threw a touchdown pass to open the scoring in the second quarter but completed just four of 14 passes for 27 yards with five picks the rest of the game.
6. Dan Pastorini, Oilers: Oct. 9, 1972 vs. Raiders: This time, Pastorini threw only four interceptions on 23 attempts. The problem? He completed just three passes. His completion percentage of 14.3 is the lowest in NFL history on at least that many attempts, and this time he didn’t throw a touchdown pass.
5. Kim McQuilken, Falcons: Nov. 9, 1975 vs. Vikings — In one of his seven career starts, the 1974 third-round pick completed just five of 26 passes for 43 yards while tossing five interceptions in a 38-0 loss.
4. Tom Owen, 49ers: Dec. 1, 1974 vs. Browns — His defense surrendered just seven points and the running game picked up 159 yards, but Owen threw five interceptions on just 23 pass attempts while completing just six passes for 74 yards in a 7-0 loss.
3. Dave Wilson, Saints: Sept. 8, 1985 vs. Chiefs — In the first Week 1 start of his career, the Illinois product completed just two of his 22 pass attempts, posting by far the lowest completion percentage (9.1) of all time among quarterbacks with at least 20 attempts. He also threw two interceptions before being replaced by Richard Todd in a 47-27 loss.
2. Ryan Leaf, Chargers: Sept. 20, 1998 vs. Chiefs — In his third career start, the No. 2 overall pick completed just one of his 15 pass attempts for four yards while throwing two interceptions. The worst part is that it’s not as though San Diego was one-dimensional, because Natrone Means ran for 165 yards that day. But Leaf’s 0.0 passer rating did the Chargers in as they lost 23-7.
1. Ty Detmer, Lions: Sept. 23, 2001 vs. Browns — It’s ironic that the worst quarterback performance in modern history would come against the Browns instead of for them, isn’t it? Subbing as a starter for the injured Charlie Batch in Week 2 of the 2001 season, Detmer threw a record-tying seven interceptions in a 24-14 loss. In fact, those seven picks came on a nine-drive span, and five of them came in the second half of a winnable game. Oh, and the BYU product had an eighth interception negated by a defensive penalty. He’s the only quarterback in the last 29 years to throw seven picks in a single game.

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oh come on guys your killing me lets have discussions please

Almighty chief
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i thought Manning foot work were good .. jus typical Manning trying to force it

.. i also feel who ever was the qb when we got shut out by the.raider in that rain bowl should be noted. i think it was green idk

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oh come on guys your killing me lets have discussions please

Lol not much to talk about. Ready for some new news about chiefs this year. To busy to just chat just to chat. But i feel ya ready for training camp.

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What's ironic about #12 is the fact that after Manning got benched, the announcers were saying that they got word from the Bronco's bench that Manning was fine.

Let's face it...It was not the most exciting draft so it'll be pretty quiet until training camp starts.

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Where Tom Brady's benching performance vs Chiefs 2 years ago??? That belongs on that list as well

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C4L....My computer has been in the hospital for a month. As for the "12 worst QB performances".....I must give all of them credit for pure BALLS. They all showed up for work the next day. I'd have probably shot myself after any of those performances.