View Full Version : Grand apologies, if this is not the place. (Quit Smoking!)

Chief Lukather 4Life
06-09-2017, 11:29 PM
As in the title, I am new and stupid as to where to put this. Please move, delete, or spank me hard for this.

I have been a smoker since I was just starting out a teenager. So many decades have past. I have watched people I know that have or have not smoked pass away horribly. I have now destroyed my cigs, and am on my 4th day of being smoke-free.

I can easily feel a difference already, and am very excited about where I may be as time rolls along. Does anyone have tips for this old guy that might make this stick for life? It may already, but any help is always appreciated, and I hope that I can do this. I believe I can, and this is a really new journey for me. Thanks for listening.

GO CHIEFS. GO HEALTH. I'm still going to drink my one night a week like a fiend, lol.