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11-06-2007, 01:20 PM
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Chiefs hope to develop a winning combination at running back


The Kansas City Star

If the Chiefs could turn back the clock, they would undoubtedly dial up 2002 and grab Priest Holmes when he was at his best.
Failing that, they might try to go back a few weeks and hold on to Michael Bennett rather than trade him to Tampa Bay.
The Chiefs have neither of those options available, so they’ll be scrambling if their present-day featured back, Larry Johnson, can’t play in Sunday’s game against Denver at Arrowhead Stadium.
The Chiefs weren’t disclosing the status of Johnson other than to say he has a sprain of his middle right foot. Johnson, who was carted off the field during Sunday’s 33-22 loss to Green Bay and walked on crutches afterward, was at Arrowhead on Monday receiving treatment.
Coach Herm Edwards said the results of an MRI wouldn’t be available until today.
“We won’t know for sure until (then) exactly what the severity is and if he’s going to be out and if so for how long,” Edwards said.
They know this: If Johnson doesn’t play, they’ll have to use both Holmes and rookie Kolby Smith at different times in Johnson’s place.
“We’ve got to do it by committee a little bit,” Edwards said. “If we’ve got to do it that way, we’ve got to do it that way. You’d like to have a mainstay who you know can carry it 20 times and give the other guy the extras. I don’t know if Kolby can carry it 20 times. Who knows?”
Edwards would rather use one runner, as the Chiefs have with Johnson for all of Edwards’ 1 1/2 seasons as head coach.
“It’s the consistency of the runner,” Edwards said. “He’s real familiar with how the line is going to block things, and the line is familiar with how he’s going to run. It all works together. Certain runners run certain ways. The linemen know where he’s going to be on certain runs. And the runner gets a good feel for the blocking in front of him.”
They might have that mainstay if they hadn’t sent Bennett to the Buccaneers.
The trade made sense at the time. Bennett wasn’t playing much behind a healthy Johnson, his contract will expire at the end of the season, and the Chiefs needed to clear roster room for Holmes, who was coming off the injured list.
But with the 4-4 Chiefs tied for first place in the AFC West — and needing to beat the Broncos, who are a game behind — Bennett would seem to be the ideal solution if Johnson can’t play.
Bennett’s only big NFL season came in 2002, when he rushed for almost 1,300 yards for the Minnesota Vikings. He’s been a productive, if little-used, player ever since.
Edwards indicated Bennett wouldn’t solve the problem.
“(We) would be in the same predicament,” Edwards said. “He hasn’t been the main guy for such a long time. So he was in that same role that Priest was in (before Johnson’s injury). When he was here, he wasn’t going to be the main guy. He was going to be the guy that carried it 10 or 12 times. We’d still have to split it up if he was here.”
The Chiefs have no expectations that Holmes will be the same player he was five years ago. He’s now 34 and two years removed from his glory days.
Everything has changed since Holmes was arguably the best back in the game. Even his biggest supporter, president/general manager Carl Peterson, has said the Chiefs expected Holmes to be nothing more than a role player.
“I don’t see Priest carrying the ball more than 15 times,” Edwards said. “Kolby’s going to have to carry it some. He’s played more football this year, counting the preseason, than Priest has. You don’t want to wear Priest out.”
The Chiefs aren’t sure exactly what to expect from Smith, a fifth-round draft pick from Louisville. He looked good in training camp but failed to distinguish himself in the preseason. He has played mostly on special teams during the regular season.
Smith was receiving more practice time before Bennett was traded and Holmes activated.
“Before Priest came back, Kolby was kind of being groomed to be that second guy,” Edwards said. “Priest comes and that kind of puts a different spin on it. If Larry does miss some time, then we’re going to find out about Kolby, which is good. He could be that second guy.”

11-06-2007, 01:46 PM
I think Priest might surprise some people.

11-06-2007, 01:49 PM
I think Priest might surprise some people.
Me too. At least I'm hoping so.

11-06-2007, 01:51 PM
I think Priest might surprise some people.

I think so too. One good thing about Priest not playing for two years until the last 2 weeks is the fact that there isn't much recent film on him and he is kind of an unkown commodity right now.

11-06-2007, 02:39 PM
I think so too. One good thing about Priest not playing for two years until the last 2 weeks is the fact that there isn't much recent film on him and he is kind of an unknown commodity right now.
I would have to agree on that, also right now Priest is hungry. Other then that though I hope he has had the time to get reoriented before now but it doesn't seem so.

My next thought on all of this is, Is Herm really that much of a moron, He isnt planning on ever really seeing what Kolby can do, he has already stated he would like to see if he was a good backup, he said the same thing about Bennett, if LJ went down Bennett would have had to split time and we wouldn't have had a true starting back, with this theory Holmes would never have been what he is now, and I doubt Adrian Peterson would have either, he would have just had to back up Taylor you can only have one starting back, Herm is an Idiot.

I love me some LJ but I have no problems with Kolby Smith coming in and stealing the job from LJ while he is gone, I would love Priest to get back to form also but I don't see Priest being the featured back in 3,4 or 5 years, but if he gets back to form, Kolby doesn't do anything and LJ is out let Priest run. Dont say we dont want to wear him out, let the man play.

Basically Herm quit handicapping your team because you dont think they are this or that, let them play.

11-06-2007, 08:37 PM
In trying to look at a positive in this injury to LJ, and don't mistake me, I am not happy that LJ is hurt. Kolby is not a LJ type running back. He is more like Priest. So now if Priest is the main running back, Kolby will watch and learn from like type running back. imo