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Polleo Pit Man
11-22-2007, 01:04 AM
Heroic Pit Bull: Dog Finds Help For Injured Neighbor

By Gus Thomson, Auburn Journal Staff Writer

Move over Lassie. A pit bull terrier has shown Auburn's Jim Roach that heroic dog deeds don't just happen in the movies or on TV.

Roach fell from a 12-foot-high ladder while picking peaches last month on his rural Mount Vernon Road property. Dazed and unable to move because of his injuries, he soon found renter Jeanne Davis' two-year-old pit bull Gabby hovering over him and

"I was unconscious pretty much," Roach said Tuesday. "I remember a dog licking the side of my face and standing by me and barking and barking and barking."

But nobody came. That's when Gabby did the heroically unexpected and went for help.

About 100 yards away and not able to see or hear Roach, Davis heard Gabby furiously barking and thought perhaps someone had entered the property. But Roach's dog, also nearby, wasn't barking.

Soon after she first noticed the barking, Gabby emerged.

"She's barking and then she looks at me and runs back," Davis said. "It's kind of like something Lassie would do."

So Davis followed Gabby. She found her landlord injured and moaning in pain near the pruning ladder.

"I walked over to where he was and Gabby stopped barking," Davis said.

With Roach immobilized on the ground, a California Highway Patrol helicopter was dispatched to transport the seriously injured college instructor to Roseville Medical Center's trauma unit for emergency treatment.

Roach, a College of San Mateo instructor, said doctors diagnosed multiple injuries from the fall, including a fractured clavicle, four broken ribs (http://www.apbtconformation.com/centralbody.htm), two cracked vertebrae, and bleeding on the brain.

A towel wrapped around his head (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/head.htm), Jason Williams-style, probably saved his life when his head (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/head.htm) hit the ground, Roach said.

Roach said he spent a week in hospital. One of the first visitors after discharge was Gabby. He said the two now seem to have formed a strong bond as a result of the rescue.

A psychology instructor, Roach said that the incident is a good example of the more endearing side of pit bulls that doesn't receive media attention.

"I've never felt they've been given a fair shake," he said. "They're just a terrier."

Davis said Gabby was abused before she adopted her. She's been training the dog to become less apprehensive around people.

"A lot of people said to put her down, that she's going to do something bad," Davis said. "I'm so proud of my dog."

11-22-2007, 01:08 AM
Good dogie! :D

Polleo Pit Man
11-22-2007, 02:38 AM
Pit Bull Saves Man's Life, Dies a Hero
www.DogsInTheNews.com (http://www.dogsinthenews.com/)
April 26, 2001 Belmont, North Carolina, USA

Good thing Gaston County, North Carolina doesn't have a ban on pit bulls, or this man wouldn't be alive this morning.

Steve Carpacca, 41, was asleep in his mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) at 3:15am when his pit bull ran into the bedroom and started barking frantically.

The man awoke to a room filled with smoke and immediately ran outside. When he realized that his dog had not followed him, he rushed back into the blazing trailer, armed with two 5-pound fire extinguishers, but the fire was already out of control.

Four fire departments responded to the call, and it took a total of 15 firefighters to douse the flames. The dog never made it out; fire crews found the little hero's body in the hall just outside Mr. Carpacca's bedroom.

Mr. Carpacca was devastated at the loss of his dog.

"The dog saved his life, absolutely," said Chief Dicky Harris with the Community Volunteer Fire Department. "If the dog hadn't been in the house, Mr. Carpacca would have been overcome by smoke."

It is believed that the fire was caused by an electric heater in the kitchen. Mr. Carpacca never heard any of the smoke detectors sound.

Polleo Pit Man
11-22-2007, 02:41 AM
Eight year old Shaun Coggin spent eight hours huddled under a tree
branch on Sunday night, lost in the bush on MT. Tamborine with only
his faithful PIT BULL Nugget for warmth.

As temperatures in the area dropped to zero Shaun slept, as Nugget
laid on top of him, unaware of a major search underway to find him.

A small army of volunteers including State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Brigade members, neighbors and police were combing the Gold Coast Hinterland area after Shauns mother, Michelle, reported him missing.

Shauns unplaned adventure began when he took Nugget for a walk in the bush behind the families Jersey Rd property around 3 pm on Sunday.

After becoming lost and with night falling Shaun, in a shirt and track pants, settled in for the night by pulling branches over himself and the dog.

Despite temperatures which dropped to zero over night, Shaun went to sleep as Nugget stayed awake. It was the sound of searches calling out nearby that started Nugget barking which woke Shaun.

He had wandered 7km. At home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) yesterday with the searchers and the rescue helicopter gone, Michelle said the the ordeal began after police were called at 5.pm.

Police has asked her and Glen to stay at the house incase Shaun returned.
Shaun was finally returned to his family with his loving PIT BULL NUGGET
that saved his life.

Gold Coast Bulletin.

Nugget ws nominated for Dog of the year, sadly Nugget passed away due to old age
but remanis a hero in many people eyes.

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:10 PM
Pit Bulls Save Couple's Life In Fire
Dogs Awakened Sleeping Couple As Fire Engulfs Mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage)
TheDenverChannel? (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-editpage.php?page=TheDenverChannel).com

GREELEY, Colo. — Three family pit bulls are credited with saving the lives of a Weld County couple who awoke to find their mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) on fire.

Rick Reed and his fiancee, Alyssa Baker, were asleep at 2 a.m. Wednesday when they were awakened by barking from Reed's three pit bulls. The dogs were frantically scratching on the bedroom door and one even slammed her head (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/head.htm) into the door several times in an attempt to wake them.

When Reed got up and opened the door, he saw heavy smoke in the hallway. Reed and Baker managed to climb out a bedroom window and then Reed got his dogs out through a back door as the mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) fire quickly grew.

Reed had lived in the home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) at the Friendly Village Mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) Park for 21 years, he told the Greeley Tribune. It was a gift from his mother. He said he lost everything he owned in the fire and didn't have insurance.

The American Red Cross was quick to react, giving the couple vouchers for clothing and food and provided lodging in a hotel for the week.

"With the flood in New Orleans, we thought the Red Cross wouldn't have time or money to help us with our little fire," Reed told the newspaper.

He said within a few hours of the fire, Red Cross volunteers were there to help. The mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) park was also collecting donations for the couple.

Fire investigators said the fire started from electrical wiring in a wall of the mobile home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage), a fact that didn't surprise Reed.

"For some time now, the dogs have been obsessed with the south wall of the trailer," Reed told the newspaper. "They kept scratching at it and wouldn't leave it alone, even through they've all got all kinds of chew toys."

Fire investigators said the dogs might have smelled the slight odor given off by frayed wiring.

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:11 PM
Going postal; a pit bull saves the day

John Boston “Mr. SCV”

— Here is a most excellent tale. You know how pit bulls are always getting a bad name for attacking people? On this date, a 5-year-old pit bull — named Girl — helped save a toddler’s life. A father had left his 3-year-old in the station wagon while sprinting in to Newhall Jewelers for a quick drop-off. Repeat after me: “YOU CAN’T LEAVE KIDS ALONE IN CARS!” Thank you. Anyway. Gone for just a couple of minutes, the toddler, who was deaf, crawled out the car window and was walking in the middle of San Fernando Road — into the path of an approaching big rig. The truck slammed on the brakes and simultaneously, Girl latched onto the butt of the little boy’s britches and dragged him backwards to the curb. Witnesses explained the deed to the crestfallen father who noted: “It was the first time I ever left him alone in the car and it was the last time.”

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:12 PM
Pit Bull Saves child from other dog

Source: MSNBC

CHICAGO, November 16 - A southside dog owner will be heading to court after his dog mauled a 6-year-old child. Antonio Lampley and his friend had just spent their Saturday morning raking leaves and were off to the candy store to spend some of their earned money. They decided to take a short cut through an alley in the 11400 block of South Lowe. Suddenly they were pounced upon by a 200-pound Rottweiller. The dog grabbed the 6-year-old in its jaws and began shaking him like a rag doll. The screams of terror caught the ear (http://www.apbtconformation.com/NEECF.htm) of off-duty police officer, Allan Rollins, who was working on his car in a nearby garage. Officer Rollins grabbed his gun and ran to the scene, accompanied by his own dog, Sebastian. Once there he saw the 200-pound Rottweiller shaking the 60-pound kid violently. Rollins’ dog Sebastion became the first line of defense. The Sebastian jumped over the kid and somehow knocked the Rottweiller off the child. That’s when Officer Rollins was forced to fire a couple shots at the Rottweiller to end the attack. Unfortunately the damaged had already been done. Young Antonio was now covered with his own blood as a result of being bitten approximately 30 times.  The 6-year-old was rushed to Roseland Hospital where he underwent a 4-hour operation. Antonio’s mom says her son is expected to have more surgeries down the road. As a result of this and other dog attacks, State Senator Emil Jones is calling for legislation requiring owners of so called vicious dogs, to take out liability insurance to address attacks such as this one. Antonio is currently listed in fair condition at Roseland Hospital.

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:12 PM
Pit bull a hero in
Holly Hill home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) fire
By SUSAN WRIGHT (susan.wright@news-jrnl.com)

HOLLY HILL - Barbara Tollison's pit bull Buddy has become her hero.

Happy returns

Barbara Tollison of Ormond Beach gives a hug to her 3-year-old pit bull, Buddy, as the pair were reunited at the Ormond Kennel and Pet Center in Ormond Beach on Tuesday.
The dog, who's lived with her more than two years, helped save both Tollison and her sister from a fire that erupted early last Wednesday in her Pine Ridge Road home.

Tollison says she calls Buddy her "56-pound Chihuahua" because he acts more like timid lap dog than a dog that's known as a fighting (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=History+of+the+APBT) breed. The morning of the fire, Tollison says, she woke up at 4:30 a.m. to see off Pete Blount, who shares the house with her, as he headed for work. Then she went back to bed.

Barely half an hour later, she says, she awoke and smelled smoke. She quickly explored the house and discovered the fire already ablaze in Blount's bedroom. She ran to wake up her sister, Jane Ellol, who was visiting from Connecticut, and ran outside.

Buddy followed her. Then, Buddy ran back inside and straight to Ellol's bedroom, where she was still struggling to get out. Tollison says Ellol has arthritis and can't move very quickly when she first gets up. Then, she became disoriented in the unfamiliar house, in the smoke.

"He was whining real loud in her room for her. He was with her the whole time. I ran back in and when I got a hold of her, I pulled her out the door. She said she felt like a wet noodle. He came out right behind her," Tollison says.

While she says she doesn't remember exactly what woke her up and saved their lives that morning, she's convinced it was Buddy because there was no other noise in the house.

"He kind of aroused me, that's the only thing I can think of that got me up," she says.

Once he'd gotten the family out, Tollison said, Buddy ran down the road, clearly terrified, and disappeared.

She called Blount, who returned from work as the firemen were dousing the fire in the house and they both frantically looked for Buddy, but they couldn't find him.

About five hours later, she recalls, a sheriff's car approached and she somehow knew Buddy was inside before she could even see the dog.

Volusia County sheriff's deputy Richard Hansard had searched for the dog in the neighborhood and then driven to the Halifax Humane Society to look for the animal. As it happens, someone in the area had picked up Buddy and taken him to the shelter. Because Buddy had the required license and tags, the shelter was able to identify the dog they had in custody and turn him over to Hansard, who took Buddy back home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) to his very grateful family, Tollison said.

Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said Hansard has been recommended for a citation for going beyond the call of duty in finding and returning Buddy.

Tollison said it will take 10 weeks to make the house livable again. Meanwhile, she's living in an apartment and Buddy is living in an Ormond Beach boarding kennel. And, she says, when they do get back home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage), Buddy will be treated like the hero she's sure he is.

"I'm going to get him a jeweled collar and just treat him like royalty," she said.

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:14 PM
Pit bull's courage saves city couple
The dog is shot and killed while defending his family from three masked intruders



Three men wearing ski masks burst through the back door and into the kitchen. The first man drew a gun and ordered Travis Rappold, 21, his girlfriend Amanda Searle, 18, and their three friends to lie down.

Enter Rock, Rappold's 75-pound pit bull. The dog jumped up from his seat at his master's feet (http://www.apbtconformation.com/NEECF.htm) and ran out from under the table toward the armed assailant.

"They yelled 'get that pit' and I yelled 'get him, Rock,'" said Rappold, recalling last Sunday's incident at his apartment on Rossmore Road in South Richmond.

Backpedaling, the gunman fired once, striking the dog in the chest. Rock kept going.

The intruders fled through the back door and scattered.

Rappold shut the door before Rock could keep chasing the three men.

Moments later, the injured pit bull collapsed as he tried to crawl to the second floor bedroom where he slept.

Rock died in Rappold's arms before he could try to administer first aid.

"Nicest dog in the world, but he was 75 pounds of muscle and pretty intimidating," Rappold said Thursday.

Rappold had rescued Rock from an abusive situation only a year before. When adopted, the 5-month-old pup "was just skin and bones (http://www.apbtconformation.com/skeletalmuscular.htm)," Searle said. "Travis saved him . . . and he came back and saved Travis."

Richmond police Detective Kevin Hathaway said the victims likely would have "been assaulted and robbed, if not killed, if it were not for Rock, who gave his life defending his owners from harm."

No arrests have been made in the case.

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:15 PM
Dog Jack

War Hero

A plaque hanging by the large oil portrait of Dog Jack tells much of what is known about
him. He was the mascot of the Niagara Volunteer Fire Co. on Penn Avenue, which was
headquartered close to the present-day Engine Co. 3 in the Strip District. He went with
the firefighters when they enlisted in the 102nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment in
1861 "and fought in most of their battles except during his period of captivity when he
was a prisoner of war," reads the plaque. He took part in the Wilderness campaign, the
battle of Spotsylvania and the siege of Petersburg, all in Virginia.

Dog Jack was known for charging straight to the front lines during battle, said Josh Fox, a
Soldiers & Sailors curator. He was said to understand bugle calls and obey orders only
from his own regiment. After battle, he would roam the battlefield, seeking out wounded
and dead comrades. He twice was taken prisoner.


"Captured at Salem Church, six months later he was exchanged for a Confederate
prisoner at Belle Isle, Va." says the plaque (other accounts say he was traded for two
Confederate POWs). "At Savage Station he was again captured but managed to escape."

Jack was badly wounded at Malvern Hill in Virginia but returned to the regiment after
recovering in a field hospital. His last campaign was in Maryland.

On Dec. 23, 1864, Dog Jack disappeared in Frederick, Md., and was never found.

Some say the silver collar the men had gotten for him attracted the attention of thieves,
who dispatched him. Or he may have been wounded in battle that day and gone off to the
woods to die, said Fox.

The men of the 102nd commissioned the portrait, modeled on a photograph of Jack in the
same pose. Soldiers & Sailors also has a charcoal drawing of Dog Jack, this time lying at
the feet (http://www.apbtconformation.com/NEECF.htm) of a Union soldier.

Read the Dog Jack Story by Florence W. Birnos
http://www.sonrisepublications.com/store2.htm#Dog%20Jack (http://www.sonrisepublications.com/store2.htm#Dog%20Jack)

See the new move losely based upon jack

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:16 PM
Dog Credited With Saving Teen From Fire
From Associated Press
September 29, 2006 10:21 PM EDT
FORT MEYERS, Fla. - A pit bull who was recently adopted by a family after wondering onto a construction site may have saved a teen girl from a house fire on Friday.

Jerrica Seals, 17, was already safely out of the house by the time firefighters arrived, the News-Press? (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-editpage.php?page=News-Press) of Fort Meyers reported.

"She called me screaming," said Leticia Vega, 36, the sister of Seals' boyfriend Javier Garcia, 23, who owns the home. "She said the dog woke her up barking, jumped on the bed and bit her on the leg."

Seals was taken to the hospital for a checkup, but Garcia said she was going to be fine.

Deputy fire Chief Steve Clyatt said blaze appears to have been caused by a bad extension cord on a window air conditioner.

Vega said her oldest brother, Gabriel Garcia, found the dog while he was working.

"He didn't pay no mind to it," Vega said. "He just kept working and the dog just stayed there so he brought it home. He doesn't usually bark. He's real friendly."

Polleo Pit Man
11-30-2007, 11:17 PM
Charming pit bull saves the day
(and Daisy the Yorkie)
By William Hageman
Tribune staff reporter
http://www.chicagotribune.com (http://www.chicagotribune.com/)
Published February 19, 2006

They are the oddest couple: Traveler, a muscular 2-year-old pit bull, and
Daisy, a year-old Yorkie who looks as though she could be knocked over
by a sneeze.

Their bond: Traveler saved Daisy's life with a blood donation.

Daisy, who belongs to Abigail Lebron of Palos Hills, was dying from
autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

"It's its own body attacking its own blood cells," explained Dr. Derrick
Landini of the Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic in Chicago. "The cause of why
the dog got it is really unknown."

All Lebron knew was that Daisy was sick.

"She was lethargic, not eating or drinking," she said. "I took her to another
hospital, and they told us she needed a blood transfusion, but they couldn't
do it."

Then she found Animal Ark and Landini. And Traveler, who lives at the
The Jan. 17 procedure was rather simple. Traveler was lightly sedated, the
IV was set up and Daisy received about 3 ounces of blood.
Daisy went home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) that night and now is good as new. Traveler was up and
about a half-hour after the procedure. Of course, a blood transfu-sion is
nothing compared with what he has been through. Traveler was in danger
of dying from a host of ailments after being rescued from post-Katrina
Mississippi by the Munster (Ind.) Humane Society. Charmed by the dog's
personal-ity but unable to treat him, the Munster people reached out to

Chicago Canine Rescue, which takes in animals that other facilities can't
treat or handle long term.
CCR brought Traveler to Animal Ark, where he was nursed back to robust
health. But what to do with the happy-go-lucky dog?
"We didn't have a home (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/tiki-index.php?page=HomePage) for him, and Dr. Lan-dini said he could stay here,"
said CCR executive director Lisa Tingley.
So Traveler became part of the clinic, running through the building, playing
with any dog he'd see, sleeping in a king-size bed and going to lunch with
staff members.
"We had someone who was interested in adopting (http://www.ukcpitbull.com/encyclopedia/adopting) him," said Tingley,
whose organiza-tion has about 70 dogs available at any time. "But that's
when Dr. Landini and the whole staff, they were like, 'What if he leaves . .
.?' "

So Landini adopted Traveler.
"We kept him for a simple reason," Landini said. "He's such a great dog.
He gets along with every dog, with every person. We've fostered a lot of
strays here, but he has been the best."
Daisy would agree.

11-30-2007, 11:26 PM
You spelled Heroes wrong!


Nice stories though.

It is owners, rather than dogs who usually cause the most harm.