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02-14-2008, 11:48 PM
Found a little article on the October 12th, 1975 Chiefs 42-10 crushing of the Faiders. At the time as a kid I turned the tv on just in time to see the ending of that game. By that time it was already 42-10 and the crowd at Arrowhead was very noisy and excited. Sure would love to see that game some time in its entirety.

Big Game of 1975
October 12 at Kansas City
Kansas City 42, Oakland 10
The Chiefs were 0-3, hobbled by injuries, and who was in town? The Raiders, who seemed primed to send the Chiefs to the football boneyard and nail shut the coffin.
But a funny thing happened to the Raiders once they arrived at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City had found some of its greatness of the past, and when the final gun sounded, they had delivered a major whipping to the Raiders, handing the Bay Bandits their worst loss in 15 years. The win was the first-ever for Chiefs coach Paul Wiggin.
"I don't drink champagne, but I'm going ot have some tonight", a smiling Wiggin said after the game. "Where do you get it, at the grocery store?"
While the Raiders scored the first 3 points of the game,
Kansas City scored the next 42, cashing in on turnovers and making big plays throughout the rout. Mike Livingston hit Walter White with a 48-yard bomb for the Chiefs' first touchdown, and interceptions by Kerry Reardon and Emmitt Thomas set up the next two scores, to make it 21-3, Kansas City. The Raiders also lost 3 fumbles and another interception in the lopsided game. "The turnovers were in such a way it helped them along," said Raiders coach John Madden. "We couldn't get back control of the game."
Before the game, many of the Chiefs' players were questioning their ability and the quality of the team.
"I felt it was a do-or-die thing," Livingston said of his feelings before the game. "We were getting in such a rut. I think some of the guys felt like we weren't supposed to win."
Woody Green rushed for 101 yards and Livingston passed for 170. And the defense came away with six turnovers, obviously the biggest contribution to the win.
"It was a combination today of offense and defense, and I think that's what was missing," Wiggin said. "I was confident going into the game that at least I'd walk off the field feeling proud."
When he did leave the field, the Chiefs were big winners, and he raised a clenched fist, celebrating the victory.




02-14-2008, 11:58 PM
Nice article, I love reading about the faders gettin their asses kicked. its even better when it gets kicked by the Chiefs!! :schlacht: <---Faders practice!! :lol:

02-15-2008, 12:04 AM
Nice article, I love reading about the faders gettin their asses kicked. its even better when it gets kicked by the Chiefs!! :schlacht: <---Faders practice!! :lol:

:lol: LOVE that faders practice!! :sign0098:

YES!!!! A Chiefs rout is always wonderful. But when coming against the Raiders it's the most satisfying rout of all!

02-15-2008, 01:34 AM
Well that made me feel a little bit better!

Go Chiefs!

02-15-2008, 10:09 PM
Good article; one of the few games we won in 1975 I'm sure; kinda like 2007.