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Cisco Kid
04-09-2007, 03:22 AM
So, you’re talking about running the ball 450 times with a good offense if you’re going to run the football and be physical. That’s what you’d like to do. You don’t want to make a guy run 400 times. You won’t see that anymore. (Johnson) won’t see it. We’ll get Michael Bennett in the mix and we might have to get another back. Might need to get three backs. We always had three in New York. If one gets hurt you need another guy. Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herman Edwards.

The future of the Chiefs running attack still appears to be centered around the talents of Larry Johnson and...well, that seems to still be unresolved. Michael Bennett will be entering his second season with Kansas City and should benefit greatly from a full offseason and training camp with the team. But concern still exists with whether or not his style of running is best suited as a third down specialist or that of a back able to provide quality snaps enough to lessen the load on LJ's body.

Granted, Bennett has had a few seasons in which he was able to be the main guy but as of late that hasn't been the case. Relying upon Bennett for much more than a change of pace might be a mistake. With the free agent ranks all but dried up, Kansas City might be looking to add RB talent via the draft. Besides the lack of depth at the RB position, one must wonder how such an addition might affect the mindset of Johnson. Kansas City could invest in a RB towards the later rounds as a long term project (Jackie Battle/Houston) but anything other than a second day pick could backfire.

The free agent talent pool is all but gone, however, there is one player that might actually be a perfect fit...RB Corey Dillion. Dillion as of late has been making the standard visits but has yet to sign. As recent as last week, Dillion cancelled his visit with the Tennessee Titans and once again stated that he may retire if he is unable to find a situation suitable to his wishes. What exactly Corey Dillion is looking for at this stage of his career seems to be somewhat of a mystery to many observers and possibly to Dillion himself.

But nonetheless, a RB trio of Johnson/Dillion and Bennett would be a welcomed twist to the entire offensive unit and could help lurer RG Will Shields back for a final season in Red and Gold.

How would you feel if in fact the Chiefs agreed to terms with veteran RB Corey Dillion?

04-09-2007, 03:43 AM
You raise a good point, espeacially since Herm has made one of his comments, and it is not really known how he and Carl might address draft day, Corey Dillion might work, it is starting to really get interesting.

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04-09-2007, 05:21 AM
I got no problem with Dillion for a one or two year contract. As far LJ goes, personally, I could care less what his mind set is; he is still under his rookie contract and RB by committee seems to be a route by which many teams in today's NFL are going.