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07-15-2008, 04:11 PM
I would like to introduce myself to everyone here on the this forum. I am THE Kansas City Chiefs fan in Saint Louis, MO. Some call me a Koolaid drinker, a Homer, a
WERE GONNA WIN type of guy. I will never bet against my team, and that includeds opening day in Foxboro.

I am new here, so this should also help introduce me.
Dean: Optimism tough gig on KC beat
Posted by Rick Dean

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The pessimism was starting to bring me down, so I've taken a plunge into the deep, always blue waters of eternal optimism.
My negativity struck me in the opening moments of an appearance Friday night on The 38 Sports Spot, the weeknight sports show on Kansas City's KMCI (38), the sister station of NBC affiliate KSHB.
(I get asked to do a lot of Friday night appearances because, frankly, few people watch TV (http://www.chiefshuddle.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87655#) on Friday night. They don't book Bill Self on Fridays. George Brett wouldn't even consider a Friday night appearance. So they call me. It makes good sense.)We were scheduled to talk about what we've seen in the Chiefs' spring workouts. Host Leon Liebl tossed me a tongue-in-cheek first-pitch meatball, something about whether I was expecting a 2008 playoff run.There are more politicaly correct responses than my "Ah, noooo." I launched into my concerns about an offensive line in which four of five prospective starters will be playing positions at which they have taken few or no NFL snaps. I talked about the secondary that in Thursday's workout was using two rookies in the nickel defense. I noted that while Larry Johnson appears to be running well on the foot he fractured last season, he also has been known to take a day off immediately after the workout in which he appears to be running well. didn't even get around to addressing my concerns about the No. 2 wide receiver, the three-man kicker derby, the Who's He fullback or the incumbent quarterback who is 0-6 as a starter.
I was bringing myself down in the course of an eight-minute segment. And then the topic switched to the Royals. Hoping to get things back on a positive note, I allowed that both Kansas City teams were on a positive track in the right direction, and that turnarounds for both might be in place by 2009. Buoyed by my sudden optimism, I jumped in the deep end and predicted an appreciable improvement in the Chiefs 4-12 record of a year ago.

"I think they can win six games (http://www.chiefshuddle.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87655#) this year," I predicted, an unabashed homer. Feeling even better later that night while watching the Royals win a rare game (http://www.chiefshuddle.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87655#) in The Bronx, I vowed to start believing in the Boys in Blue again.I was rewarded Saturday by tuning in just in time to see David DeJesus homer off Yankee closer Mariano Rivera in the ninth, giving the Royals an 11-10 lead. This optimism stuff can be good, I said.And then Joakim Soria blew his first save this year, giving up two runs a half-inning later.

This optimism thing is going to be a tough gig.

Rick Dean can be reached at rick.dean@cjonline.com

Well, Allow me to retort my Wise Friend,..
(by the way, well send him a copy of this to his email)

I think about this world that all of us are living in right now everyday. It's part of my Job. I think about the average CHIEF fan that has to pay $4 in gas now, and how hard it is for them to even be able to afford to go to the games these days. You see, when I was younger it was really hard for me going through school, and then being in my old profession while even thinking about being able to afford to make it to KC for the weekend. I think about all of the Kids that could care less what their record is. I think about Lamar Hunt, and the legacy he left behind. All of this makes me proud to have the HONOR of being a CHIEF fan.

So as many of you may understand, I am as HOMER as they come, and I love that about me. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have the beautiful family that I have, and friends, especially now in KC.

You know, I'm going to share this story even though I know, that alot of you are going to laugh at what a homer I can be at times. So here goes....

When we drafted Brodie Croyle, I went and read everything about this kid. I became such a huge fan. The last year before the start of the season, (actually it was week 1, before the start of the game), I made a comment to my brother Chris, and one of my best friends, Nikki that Brodie Croyle was getting ready to start his "HALL OF FAME CAREER"
Didnt work out for me did it??
To this day my friends, thats what they always give me s**t for when we we start talking football. They laugh so hard my friends....they laugh so Hard. You see, Nicki is the love of my life like a sister, She makes me smile so much. She is a BIG PHILLY FAN, and then you have CHRIS, the younger Brother who is better looking, and more funny than I am my friends, and is a BUFFALO fan. We sit at the sports bar EVERY SUNDAY and eat wings and talk football. God bless these two because everything out of my mouth is CHIEFS related it seems. When our teams lose, we confide in eachother. I will recruit these two this forum if the last thing I do, as a matter of fact, Im using this post to make my case.

Brodie Croyle IS the future of this Offense I know it my heart. And if Im wrong about that, I will be NO LESS of a KoolAid drinker next year, you want to know why my wise and Chief loving friends??

BECAUSE I LOVE THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. I love the way that stadium looks like a Big Turd right now. I love the fact that our roster will be one of the youngest in the NFL this year. I love how I can drive down the highway and honk and wave at ANY Chief fan. I love how I think of A 70 thousand strong FAMILY at Arrowhead on a Sunday. There is power in numbers my friends, and this franchise caught my attention IMMEDIATELY when Bidwell moved the BIG RED out of Saint Louis in the Middle of the Night. That is why THIS OPTIMISM IS NEVER GOING TO BE A TOUGH GIG FOR ME my friends.
I dont care that 4 of the 5 starters on our OLINE wont have much experience going into this season. I seen them yesterday, and they looked damn near camp ready before camp in some areas.
Why should I be scared that Brandon Flowers, and Brandon Carr could start this season? THATS AWESOME!!MAN COVERAGE BABY!!!
I think it is a VERY GOOD thing that we have so much competition at WR this year. That is going to FORCE results.
I think that the Fullback position will work itself out, and frankly I'm seen good things out of Battle yesterday.(I wrote this after the Arby's Minicamp my friends)
I think that this Team is a Playoff contender with the FOLLOWING Demands that should be attained by this Staff:

1. We Must have a kicker EMERGE and earn the spot for CONSISTENT field goals with NO HICKUPS
2. Our Kick Return must score points this year. We have alot of options there, so not too big of a concern.
3. Our Oline Must GEL, and eat sleep, and s**t together until week 1
4. We must have EVERY player signed prior to camp. We have the money, there is NO EXCUSE
5. And this Defense needs to be top 10, and the offense top 17.
Thats what the Giants did last year, and I Know they were not drinking Kool Aid last year.
The time has come, and it is now. The direction of this franchise and its future is
now in Blueprint. The Slate is clean. The Players are fresh, the coaches are GOOD. We can win, and were gonna win. And if we lose, and I was wrong, Im still drinking Koolaid, Im still calling myself a Homer, and thats fine with me. I love my football team. I hope you do too Mr. Dean.

As always,.to the greatest team in ALL OF THE LAND..
Your not walking all over us ANYMORE, and the party is over when you get to Arrowhead.

07-15-2008, 04:16 PM
I'm all about the bootlegs!!!!!!!!!!! This may be the only way Croyle can succeed! Lets hope.

07-15-2008, 08:52 PM
Welcome aboard! :)