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08-09-2008, 02:10 PM
On Defense

Al Boone did a decent job as a run defender, but looks like a guy who will provide little to nothing in the p*** rush.
The same can be said for Tank Tyler.
Turk McBride is fairly unimpressive.

Ron Edwards is nothing more than a body.
Murice Murray flashed late in the game, and both Jason Parker and Bryant Johnston have a lot to learn, but I did see a couple of good things.

I know it's early, but Tamba looked completely ineffective at LDE.
Did he think he was at a dance?
He showed a couple of spin moves, but the problem was, he hadn't yet engaged the LT.
Did he think the LT would fall down laughing and he'd get a free lane to the QB?

Beyond that he was relatively easily contained by the LT, and when the LT missed a block, the RB came up and easily knocked him off his path.

Sadly, our two best LBs Thursday night, outside of DJ, were Oliver Hoyte and EJ Kuale.

Our corners were still lining up 5-7 yards off the line for most of the night.
Maurice Leggett showed some things, but he has a lot to learn.
Pat Surtain looks like he's lost (another) step.
Flowers and Carr did do some good things, but it's hard to get a feel for how they played because of that cushion I mentioned, and because we did't get any pressure on the QB.

Page and Pollard looked good, although Page still has to improve his tackling (as does the rest of the team).
Morgan looked like a rookie.
The tools are there to work with, though.

On Offense

Brodie looked really comfortable in this offense, and played a smart game.
Tyler Thigpen did some things that illustrated why the Chiefs like him, but his accuracy is inconsistent, to say the least.

Waters and Niswanger looked good, and Herb Taylor did a credible job at LT, but he clearly isn't a long term solution there.
Adrian Jones appeared to miss a couple of blocking ***ignments, but surprisingly, at least to me, he played pretty decently, and as he gets more comfortable with the position, he might be a good player there.
Stallings looks like he's gonna provide decent depth, as does Wade Smith
Lefew and Alabi, not so much.
Did Adawale Ogunleye get Mc****osh's phone number?
Cause he made Mc****osh his ***** for most of the snaps they played.
He got by Mc****osh fairly easily on a couple of p*** rushes, and Mc****osh got absolutely no push in run blocking.

LJ, Battle, Charles and Savage provide us with a nice stable of RBs.
Mike Cox has potential at FB.

Bowe, Franklin, Price and Webb all did good things, as did Sippio.
That catch by Franklin that has everyone excited, though, would probably have been ruled an incomplettion had it been reviewed.
The ball comes out and hits the ground.

Overall, there are some good things to build on.

08-09-2008, 02:12 PM
The word filter is ****ed when it filters (p a ss) in a football forum.