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Big Daddy Tek
08-14-2008, 10:16 PM
AFC East- Patriots win division in week 13... boring

AFC North- Steelers. Headed by another Tony Dungy understudy, this team could probably win 13 games. Power Defense, power offense, youth and veteran leadership, these guys got it all.
The defense is always great and Santonio Holmes, Limus Sweed and Hines Ward might team up to be the best WR group in the league. With Roethlisandwich coming of his best year, it could get ugly for opposing teams. I got 12-4

AFC South- Jaguars. Ive been drinkin the Jaguars kool-aid for 3 years. These guys are great. They've had QB problems for the past 3 years with injuries, controversies, etc. If Gerard is healthy, These guys could win 14 games. Thier game planning is great. With drives lasting over 8 minutes on a regular basis. Thier Running game is the best in the league with two Outstanding backs splitting carries behind a Gigantic O-line. On Defense They lost Marcus Stroud, but John Henderson, Reggie Hayward, and Paul Spicer are the best D-lineman that you have never heard of. Not to mention that They drafted D-end Derrick Harvey out of Florida. In size this is the biggest team in pro football and they play like it too. Jaguars 14-2

AFC West- Chargers. Unfortunatly there is not another team in this division that will be better than .500. The Raiders are a year away and thats if they can play as a team and not lead the league in penalties. Not to mention that they still have serious line problems on both sides of the ball. After all that, they pick McFadden, Nice Job dirt bag, Al Davis.
Sorry Bronco fans, you covered your biggest needs with injury prone players, some of which are already injured again. You have no D-line still and the linebacking corps is worse. (Boss is injured and Nikos losing his starting job alreay). Deion Sanders cant even cover for that long fellas.
I seriously think the Chiefs have a chance to be a 10 win team this year and we have the schedule to do it. But deep down, I know that we are just too young and Brodie cant hide behind the boot leg forever. I think that we will get better as the season goes on and I see us going 8-8. Which would be doubling our win count from last year. Anytime you show improvement like that, you have to be happy. Especially while your rebuilding.
The Chargers are not only the most talented team, but are in the second year of Norv Turners Offense and should be unstoppable. I do think that the loss of Michael Turner will effect them a lot more than people think. LT has taken alot of carries without any major injuries. If he goes down. Sprolls cannot handle the work load. I have the Chargers winning 11 games.

Wild Cards- Colts at 11-5 and a VERY good Browns team at 10-6

Round 1
Browns 24 Steelers 28
Colts 28 Chargers 35

Round 2
Chargers 13 Jaguars 17
Steelers 21 Patriots 31

Championship Round
Patriots 17
Jaguars 21 going to the Super Bowl

My NFC predictions will come out Next Week

09-02-2008, 10:28 PM
Damn, another expansion team going to the Superbowl before the Chiefs....Tampa did it in 02. Will it ever end?

09-03-2008, 01:42 AM
Damn, another expansion team going to the Superbowl before the Chiefs....Tampa did it in 02. Will it ever end?

Yeah, but I can root for an expansion team.

09-03-2008, 07:41 AM
Yeah, but I can root for an expansion team.
Yeah, I was rooting for Carolina when they got in 3-4 years ago, but Bradys bunch squeezed by them....