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09-10-2008, 03:48 PM
CHI @ CAR - CHI - Matt Forte was impressive in his NFL debut for Chicago, rushing for 123 yards and a touchdown. It was by far the best debut-performance of any running back in the history of the Bears. Equally impressive was the defensive performance put up by Chicago against one of the NFL's top offenses. They held the Colts to just 53 yards on the ground and gave up only one score through the air on a Manning to Wayne hookup. The Panthers look good coming off a last-second win in San Diego but with Steve Smith still out on suspension, I believe Jake Delhomme may have some trouble finding a go-to guy to break anything open against this stingy Bears' defense.

TEN @ CIN - TEN - Cincy looked dismal against the Ravens in week 1 in what was probably the worst performance in Carson Palmer's career. Meanwhile, the Titans sacked David Garrard seven times and picked him off twice in their season-opening win over Jacksonville. Without much of a running threat and boasting a defense that couldn't stop rookie Joe Flacco and a Ravens' offense that has been anemic for the past few years, the Bengals could be in trouble if the Titans can replicate some of what they did defensively against the Jags last week.

GB @ DET - GB - Aaron Rodgers and the Packers proved on Monday night against the Vikings that they are heading in the right direction and that the decision to make the move from Favre to Rodgers was the right one. Rodgers looked confident and handled probably more pressure than anyone else in the opening week of football by completing over 80% of his passes and accounting for 2 TD's against a stout Minnesota defense. The Lions, however came out flat and got steam-rolled by the rookie-led Atlanta Falcons. Detroit was only able to manage 62 yards on the ground in week 1 while the Packers did fairly well in containing second-year stud, Adrian Peterson. Also the Packers' Ryan Grant rushed for 92 yards against one of the league's top rush defenses while Michael Turner put up some sick stats against Detroits' rushing defense (22 car, 220 yds, 2 TD). If Jon Kitna can't get help from his running game while the Lions themselves can't stop the run, this will be another long year for Detroit fans.

BUF @ JAC - JAC - This one is a tough call. Last week, both teams put up similar numbers on both sides of the ball. The Bills were able to sack Hasslebeck 5 times in the opener while the Jags gave up 7 sacks. Pressure was also a key factor in forcing one of the NFL's most efficient passers from last season to throw 2 picks against Tennessee. If the Bills can find a way to get to David Garrard this week, the Jaguars may find themselves in an unexpected and unwanted position after 2 games. However, I think that Jacksonville will get right at home this week and edge out the Bills by a score.

OAK @ KC - KC - After getting pummeled by the Broncos in week 1, the Raiders will be looking to rebound against their second division opponent in as many weeks. The Chiefs will host the Raiders at Arrowhead following a week 1 loss to the Patriots at Gillette stadium. Though both teams lost their games in the NFL's opening weekend, they did it in entirely different fashion. Oakland laid an egg against the Broncos, getting blown-out 41-14 while the Chiefs kept the game close against a team that hasn't lost a regular season game in almost 2 years and gave themselves a chance all the way until the clock hit triple zeros. The Chiefs have won 9 of the last 10 contests between these two teams and boast a winning percentage of over 70% against the Raiders since 1990. Since 2003, the Raiders own a league-worst record of 19-62 and they haven't done anything to show that they will break that trend in 2008.

IND @ MIN - IND - The Colts struggled running the ball against Chicago on Sunday and allowed rookie running back Matt Forte to go for 123 yards and a score. Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson didn't do so hot against the Packers and still rushed for 103 yards and a TD. Even though Tavaris Jackson and Aaron Rodgers tied with 178 yards apiece, the Packers had to keep digging themselves out of holes and had at least one TD called back on a penalty in a sloppy game on Sunday. While the Colts may have fallen to the Bears with an atypical performance, Peyton Manning still threw for over 250 yards and a score. I would bet that Manning and company get back to form after christening their brand new stadium with loss. The Colts may have trouble establishing the run against that Vikings defensive front while Peterson will probably be making some of the guys with horseshoes on their helmets look more like asses, but I don't think that Peyton will have a problem throwing the ball all over the yard against a weak Vikings' secondary.

NYG @ STL - NYG - St. Louis got rolled by the Eagles last week and the Rams will be going against another team who boasts a prolific pass-rush in the Giants. Plaxico Burress didn't miss a beat in the offseason and was a fantasy stud again in week 1 against the Redskins. Brandon Jacobs punished the Washington defense while the Rams punished their fans with only 166 total yards and 8 first downs against Philly in week 1.

NO @ WAS - NO - Drew Brees threw for almost 350 yards and 3 TDs on Sunday. Reggie Bush had 8 catches for 112 yards and a score. The redskins found the end zone once against the defending Superbowl champs. The Saints have so many weapons and such a good offense that the Redskins will have trouble keeping up if New Orleans begins to turn it on.

SF @ SEA - SEA - Both teams are coming off a loss last week. Both teams gained less than 300 yards of total offense in week 1 as well. Seattle has claimed the division crown the last four years in a row and will be looking to redeem themselves after being embarrassed by Buffalo in week 1. Even though I am giving this game to the home team, there are a few questions surrounding last year's NFC West champs. Will the running game show up for the Seahawks after they missed the bus in game 1? Also, will Matt Hasslebeck be able find a consistent target with his receivers dropping like flies? Finally, will the Seahawks be able to find an answer for Frank Gore, who had around 150 total yards and a score last week? If the answer to two or more of these questions is 'no', then I could be wrong on this one.

ATL @ TB - TB - Atlanta was impressive in Matt Ryan's NFL debut. Michael Turner had a phenomenal week with 22 carries, 220 yards, and 2 scores. However, the Bucs were able to hold one of the NFL's best offenses to 24 points in a narrow, 4-point loss to the division rival Saints in New Orleans. The 34 that the Falcons put up against the Lions will be harder to come by against Tampa Bay's defense in their home opener. Matt Ryan looks like he may be ready for the big time but playing a division opponent in their house is never easy and this is his first crack at it. Last week, 3 Saints' rushers combined against the Bucs for 101 yards and no scores. All 3 of the Saints scores in that game came off the arm of Drew Brees. If the Bucs can corral Turner, I think Matt Ryan could be forced into situations where he must make plays to win this game. If that happens, his inexperience may begin to show.

MIA @ ARI - ARI - Both teams gained and allowed less than 300 yards of total offense last week. Both teams gave up less than 200 yards. Both teams allowed over 100 yards rushing. On paper, these teams look remarkably similar. Both teams did not get much production from their receiving corps in week 1. Miami's tight end, Anthony Fasano was the leading receiver for the Dolphins in and Frank Gore led all of the Card's receivers last week out of the backfield. Normally, I probably would have picked Miami in this one as they have won 8 of 9 in this series. However, I saw something from the Dolphins last week that gave me pause to make them my pick in this game. What I saw was Brett Favre have an okay game. He didn't do bad but Brett has certainly put up better numbers in games throughout his carreer than he did on Sunday. The Dolphins kept it close but were unable to overcome the Jets. That being said, the main thing that concerns me about the Dolphins following last week was the fact that they had probably 5 guys in the end zone on coverage for Favre's second TD pass. Favre was going down as he threw and the ball hung in the air for a bloody fortnight. With all of those Dolphins in the end zone, not one of them could make it a couple of yards to the goal line and make a real effort at breaking-up the play. If that is the kind of coverage the Dolphins bring with them to Arizona, then they could be in serious trouble against Kurt Warner and one of the NFL's best receiving corps.

SD @ DEN - DEN - The homer in me wants to pick the Chargers to keep things even in the AFC West. However, San Diego lost Merriman this week when he decided that he needed to go ahead with the season-ending knee surgery he was trying to avoid. While the Chargers will almost certainly put up a better fight than the Raiders, they will still have their hands full if Jay Cutler can perform anything like he did last Monday (299 yards and 2 scores). With Brandon Marshall coming off suspension this week and Cutler having found a new threat in Eddie Royal, (9 catches, 146 yards, and 1 TD) it looks as if the Broncos'-- who came to be known as a running team, may have now transformed. Food for thought: Phillip Rivers is 4-0 against the Broncos as a starter but the Denver has won their last 8 consecutive home openers.

09-10-2008, 03:49 PM
BAL @ HOU - BAL - Houston got demolished by the Steelers in week 1 while the Ravens shut the Bengals' offense down. Matt Schaub threw two picks last week and the Texans' offense didn't get anything going until the fourth quarter, after the game was out of reach. The Ravens held one of the best passers in the NFL, Carson Palmer, to less than 100 yards through the air and allowed only 65 yards on the ground. Meanwhile, the Texans were getting shredded by fast Willie Parker for 138 yards and 3 TD's. Houston was only able to manage 75 yards with the ground attack on Sunday and they have been taking a look at some running backs after Ahman Green suffered a sprained ankle in week 1. On the other hand, it looks like Willis McGahee will be back for the Ravens this week so the Texans will have to concern themselves with slowing him down.

NE @ NYJ - NYJ - Brady's out for the season. Brett Favre is still the best thing since sliced bread. Matt Cassel hasn't started a game since high school. The Patriots are getting Kevin Faulk back from suspension to solidify their ground game and New England has won 9 of the last 10 in this series. However, the last time these two teams played, the Jets did not have a Brett. In five career meetings with New England, Brett Favre has thrown for a total of 999 yards and 9 TD's, maintaining a passer rating of 90.9. The balance of power may have shifted in the AFC East.

PIT @ CLE - PIT - While the Steelers demolished the Texans last week, Derek Anderson was putting-up a measly 114 passing yards on the way to a 28-10 spanking at the hands of the Cowboys. Jamal Lewis led all Browns' running backs with 62 yards and no TD's while the Browns gave up 2 scores on the ground to Marion Barber. Willie Parker exploded onto the 2008 scene last week with 138 yards and 3 scores. The Browns may get Stallworth back this week. Which could help bolster their passing attack if Anderson can get back to form. However, after week 1, Pittsburgh clearly looks like the better team and the Browns shouldn't be favored until they prove otherwise.

PHI @ DAL - DAL - McNabb had a great performance in week 1, throwing for 361 yards and 3 TD's. Westbrook also had a rushing TD to help the Eagles in their rout of the St. Louis Rams. The Rams are a totally different football team than the Dallas Cowboys, however. Tony Romo also threw for over 300 yards against the Browns on Sunday and Marion Barber punched the ball into the end zone twice. Jason Witten continues to contribute to the Cowboys' offense, hauling in 6 passes for 96 yards last week. Philly has won 3 of the last 4 between the two teams and Brian Dawkins has a pick in 3 of his last 4 games against the Cowboys. The Eagles are 37-1 all-time when QB Donovan McNabb posts a passer-rating of 100.0 or more while the Cowboys are 20-1 when Marion Barber gets 11 or more carries. While some of the stats may favor the Eagles in this one, I'm going to pick Dallas at home... As long as Jessica Simpson isn't there.

09-11-2008, 01:14 AM
I'll go with the shortened version
Green Bay
New York G-men
New Orleans
San Francisco
Tampa Bay
NY Jets

Those are your winners folks...

09-11-2008, 11:00 AM