View Full Version : ***Official honor your father thread***

06-06-2007, 11:46 AM
Since Fathers Day is nearing I thought it would be a great idea to start a thread honoring them.

Dad brought us kids up in a Christian home. We darkened the doors of our church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night Bible study; even when us kids would rather stay home and watch "The Wonderful World of Disney" or "The Wizard of OZ" which never seemed to come on any other night but Sunday. He is a kind, caring and gentle soul; one who punished only as a last resort. I can remember him earnestly studying his Bible, and I pretending to study right along with him, but wasn't too busy to play a board game with us kids or just have a nice game of catch. We fished, camped, and every summer went on vacation somewhere in the Ozarks. I still have my dad who is now seventy and he's as active in church and in life as he ever was. I owe much of the "good" that is in me to my dad, and to him I extend a "Happy Fathers Day" dad!

Now lets here a story about your dad.