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10-07-2008, 11:40 AM
Brodie the "fragile" one Croyle again this week eh?? Yea yea, you don't lose your job to an injury blah blah blah!!! Not like he had a strangle hold on the starting job anyway. They started 3 in 3 I think. We should play "by committe" at EVERY position!!!!! QB, RB, LT, RT, C, LG, RG etc........ This is is the patience running the asylum!!!! A JOKE!!!! Thank god we won that game early otherwise we would have to listening to the 0 fer comments all season until we won 1!

I listen to talk about how people will never say bad things about their team and all that do need to check them selves. God bless ya!!! Back to the "homer" questions....I use the term when a person is too blinded by their fandom to voice an honest opinion about the team. Always trying to find a positive. Canada's positive this week was that he had a ton of food and beer and watched his team with a buddy. Awesome!!! Not to much about the actual Chiefs organization!!! I think it's great that some want to go to the bitter end with the team and I'm right there with ya. Watch every game every week, year after year!!! However, I believe as I've said before that if the organization doesn't realize how tired as fans we are with this pathetic product they have been putting on the field, it will continue for a long, long time!!! Clark Hunt is letting Carl Peterson treat him like his biatch!!!!! STEALING HIS MONEY!!!! God and everyone else in the world knows he sure as hell isn't earning it!!! Like I said, cheer your faces off, but hold the team, coaches and front office accountable for god sakes!!!!!! Quit praising them and making excuses as to why they are so bad and how we are STILL rebuilding. When a team rebuilds you normally see a difference within 3 years!!!! We have gone BACKWARDS!!!!!! If your rebuilding anything with someone at the helm that doesn't have a clue, chances are they won't be successfull!

Everyone talks about LJ being a cancer in the locker room. Well, you heard it here first, if this continues, there will be many more cancers in that locker room and one of them WILL be our beloved TG and I hope it happens sooner than later!!! Weird how after a star player voices his displeasure and the next week they give him the ball a ton and he blows up. The week after they might as well have sat is a$$ on the bench because they sure went back to 2 weeks prior in a hurry. I wonder if Clark Hunt and CP are up in the owners box acting like the owner of the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League? Cheering for losses!! You have one of the best drafts in team history yet you let a guy who has never been succesfull in his coaching career mold these players into what you hope will be your team of the future? How many top 10 drafts do you need to build a team? The number is infinite if you are going to continue to have Herm and CP at the helm my friends!!!!! HOLD THIS TEAM AND ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!