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Darth CarlSatan
10-15-2008, 03:43 PM
He didn't return TG's phone call 1 hour before the deadline, and then he finally notified him by Voice Mail that "it wasn't going to work".

This guy is a f***ing sleazebag douche of the Highest Order.

I don't CARE if he can draft; Clark needs to send his *** DOWN THE ROAD at the end of this season. Period.

10-15-2008, 04:02 PM
kind of reminds me when he fired gun as head coach. gun found out when the media reported it.

hung lo
10-15-2008, 11:21 PM
I wrote about this in my blog. check it out; PM me if you're interested.

Darth CarlSatan
10-16-2008, 01:29 AM
I wrote about this in my blog. Check it out at KCSportsRant.com

The King Carl piece was good. Not a major stretch considering that the majority of every Chiefs fan walking the earth have known these factoids for almost a decade, but good nonetheless.

Your Chase Daniel and Gonzales pieces? Not so much.
In fact, I now have to take valuable time away from my pursuit of designing a new Chiefs Uniform to school you on the error of you ways.
Are you ready? Strap in.

MU vs OSU:

Two people on the field, wearing the Tiger Colors, lost that football game.
Was the Tiger defense to blame in any way, shape, or form for this loss? No. Not by a long shot. A defense that even the most cautious and questioning MU fan, local media "expert", and national prognosticator had "a few questions/concerns about" played their asses off and read OSU like a Dr. Suess book.
OSU tried to get tricky and stupid with their running game? Shut Down.
OSU tried to gain consistent yardage with their passing game? Shut Down.
OSU Special Teams? You got it; Shut Down.

So who are the two guilty parties on the Tigers sideline?
Well, one should be fairly obvious, and 'Field-Goal Kicker' Be Thy Name. No need to explain more here; his work speaks for itself.
The other culprit is not so obvious.
Who? Who is it you ask?
And your answer:
Head Coach Gary Pinkel( Oh yes; I did just go there! ).
When it became obvious that the Daniel/Maclin "Heisman Quest" wasn't quite producing the usual and desired results, Gary Pinkel allowed his Glamour Boys to go over his head, authority, and good common sense by letting them convince him that "We're Daniel/Maclin, and by God we WILL get this done the way we always have before Coach"!
So long story short; "Pinkel Claus" steps out of the sled, hands the reigns to Daniel/Maclin who then in turn crash Rudolph and the whole crew in to the Chrysler Building.
Technically, two people are not one person, but nor do two people constitute a football Team.
Coach Pinkel gambled on Glamour, and Coach Pinkel lost.
And that kicker sucks...

The Missouri Compromise; Gonzales Vs CARLSATAN.

Is there scorn to pile on TG's head regarding this latest episode of "All CARLSATAN'S Children"? Yes and No.
There is scorn, but it's far from being a pile. In fact, it's one thing and one thing only:
This whole process should have been done in the offseason. Either before the start of 2008, or at the end.
That's it; there is no more.
Tony Gonzales does deserve better than us. I can not even begin to desacribe( though I will now try my best to do so )how absolutely sickened I was at the majority of the sports media and Chiefs Nation following the win against denver.
I have never in my life wanted to deck a fellow Chiefs Fan the way I wanted to crack skulls in the wake of that game.
ONE productive team effort, the first in MONTHS, and all of a sudden everybody decides it's ok to ride the *** of the only worthy figurehead this franchise has had since the death of Derrick Thomas.

UN-F***ING GREATFUL; that's what the majority of you were, and still are.
That's IT. That's the Bottom Line, and there is no more.
No Debate, Subject Closed.

In 1997 I watched one of the greatest football teams I've ever seen( and I don't mean just the Chiefs )play their a**es off, every game, to secure home field advantage against their toughest rival on the way to a World Championship.
They succeeded.
And at the Eleventh Hour, before their biggest game of the season, they got f***ed by their own "leadership".
One of whom, for the most worthless of reasons, still holds the keys to The House.
That team was a team of Giants. That team comprised three of the greatest players to ever play their respective positions.
The Running Back of that team is retired and enshrined at Canton.
The Linebacker of that team, and the reason I still wear the Red and Gold with Pride when I've had very few reasons in the last 9 years to do so, has left this world and gone home to his Fathers.
But there is one left.
There's one left, and despite seeing more than his fair share of bad descisions made at the top, hope turned to dust, lies told straight to his face, and God only knows what else; he still put on that Red and Gold uniform every Sunday and resolved to continue that legacy of his former team mates, and to be the best he could possibly be. For himself and for you.

Tony Gonzales is the last Giant of the Old Guard.
And, he is the only one who still has a shot at getting The Ring which Marcus already possessed, and which Derrick, sadly, will never get another shot at.
No matter who he might win a Championship with, Tony will go to Canton as a Kansas City Chief.

That's good enough for me, and it should be good enough for you.