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07-15-2007, 05:08 PM
Fantasy Sportsbook FAQ & Docs

How does it work?
I put up events for you to bet on, you put up your ArrowCash (fake money), and I take your soul when you lose.

Football's the main thing that will be bet on, though obviously it's the off-season at the moment.

How do I bet?
There are a couple of ways.
Option #1. You will go to the Fantasy Sportsbook (http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=15) and select a thread to bet on. Your event must still be open. So you can't bet on an event that has already taken place for obvious reasons. Once you are viewing the thread for a particular event, you will be see a column that says stake. Here you will enter the amount you would like to stake on a particular event.

Option #2. Choose Fantasy Sportsbook in the Top Nav Bar, and then choose an event that is still open. Click on the 'Thread' link and enter an amount to "Stake". Please feel free to PM (http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=1) me with any questions.

Can odds change?
Only in one special circumstance. Odds on Outright Winners of tournaments will change as the tournament progresses. Odds for things such as the winner of the next match in the tournament are correct at the time of posting and will not be changed.

Can I place multiple bets?

Yes you can as long as you have sufficient funds and the event allows you to do so.

What happens when I run out of ArrowCash?
You are awarded Arrowcash for posting in threads.
Points for starting a thread: 10
Points per reply: 5
Points per Character: .10

Can I buy credits?

Again, you can get credits for free by posting in the forums. If you must have lots of arrowcash in a jiffy, you can purchase it.
You will receive 1000 ArrowCash points per $1.00 USD donation to the ChiefsCrowd.com website. Payments are accepted via paypal.

Can I place a bet once an event is closed?

Obviously, No.

Where do you get the odds from?

I check several sportsbooks and offer a general average.

Can I suggest event?

Please do so in the main Fantasy Sportsbook forum.

When will events get paid out?

Events are usually set to be settled the midnight after the event ends and will be seen to as soon as possible after that time. If any events are left outstanding, send a PM to Admin

Oh no! I bet on the wrong thing! What do I do?
Send me a PM (http://www.chiefscrowd.com/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=1)

Happy betting folks!

07-15-2007, 11:32 PM
This sounds fun! I'll definitely be looking into it.

09-08-2007, 09:49 AM
This sounds fun! I'll definitely be looking into it.

Don't Lie you know you won't part with any Arrowcash!

09-08-2007, 12:49 PM
Don't Lie you know you won't part with any Arrowcash!

Oh no; BUSTED! (Slowly sneaking out of the room)