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12-20-2008, 09:59 AM
What is it about half-time that sucks the life out of the Chiefs offense? If somebody has an idea, forward the information to the Chiefs because Herm Edwards, Chan Gailey and the offensive staff and players have been trying to find the answers for the

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12-20-2008, 10:20 AM
I have an idea. It is called being outcoached. Other coaches make halftime adjustments, the Chiefs do not. Thanks Herm for your coaching prowess.

12-20-2008, 07:24 PM
Coach, this is all totally stupid!
First off, Herm is a negative thinker.
2ndly, its not up to the coach to provide the pep-squad! The players are able to do things on their own, Tony G. proves that. In spite of Herm's negative logic, the chiefs are quite able to do whatever they decide. But they decide to not win. The decision to not win isn't a conscious decision - They just don't try after the halftime.

I don't know what happens in that lockerroom but I can't believe Brian Waters when he says that
Weve talked about it a lot, if we knew the answer, wed do something to fix the problem. He is in that locker room. He hears what is being said and by whom. He kinows why they have the third quarter 'blues' .

It is bull do-do when teams do badly and use the head coach as a scapegoat.
I know that alot of you don't like it when someone says something bad about your favorite player. I know that there are some Bowe fans on here and I'm going to say it anyway - most of the time Bowe can't/won't catch/keep the ball!
Thiggie obviously can't get the players to play after halftime.
LJ just wants to be traded so he isn't doing his best.
I admit that Pollard, Ligget(sp?), and maybe one or two others are coming around.
Me, I pick a player with great work ethics. Tony G. always plays his best and then some.

Blame the teams lack of successes on Herm if you want. Yes, I would like to see Herm go but I would also like to see the players take what blame is rightfully theirs. The only thing I blame Herm for is for not starting a fire in them at halftime for every single game giving them the fire to win. A win means nothing if they don't play their best. How come that is so hard?
If Tony can do it, any of them can! End of story.