View Full Version : What are the steps for a new coach...?

01-23-2009, 03:07 PM
Ok, in my effort to become more knowledgeable about football in general I need someone or several someone's to explain to me the steps that are needed to hire a new coach.

By that I mean what is the proper order of events. Fire Herm, then interview, then hire? Or can we be interviewing while Herm is still the head coach? I know there is a rule (Rooney rule?) that you have to interview one minority coach before you can hire a HC.

One thing that I've wondered is that I saw someone say in a thread on here that they saw Dennis Green in town and I wondered to myself if Pioli was bringing him into town to say he'd interviewed a minority head coach before moving on to the person he intends to hire. But I digress...

Looking forward to the answers and any discussion on possible HC's.