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02-28-2009, 12:50 PM
The current Chiefs players have to realize that the warm fuzzy days of Vermeil and Herm are OVER. I wrote this in a previous post but I don't ever want to see a players-coach in red and gold ever again. Nice guys usually do finish last. Belichek seems like a real jerk but if were from NE, I'd be pretty happy about the home team. I'm sure B Waters had the best of intentions when he headed over to KC HQ to get a read on things but the fact of the matter is what's happening at Arrowhead right now is none of his business. There's new management in place and the current Chiefs roster are (until they prove otherwise) a bunch of losers (see Herm's record). It's going to be a tough adjustment for the players - just like when a company you or I work at gets acquired and there's new people in charge. The uncertainty can lead be painfully difficult. Those that have a sense of entitlement - think spoiled, pampered athletes - will have the toughest time adjusting. But what we the fans want to see is "Kansas City Chiefs 2011 Super Bowl Champions" not "Kansas City Chiefs - 2009 Top 10 places to work"

Haley-Pioli, or Haloli, have a lot to prove but so far they seem like a couple of assassins willing to sell their own mother for a championship. The current Chiefs roster are all step children that have the letter 'L' on their forehead and they'll have to stop thinking about how they used to be treated with respect around here and start thinking about how they need to get on board and become part of a winning tradition, something they know nothing about. Mike Vrabel was likely brought in because we have no LBs but also because he seems to have the right attitude - he'll do whatever he can - play LB, STs, and block or catch passes as a TE. Vrabel's play says "Put me in coach" not "I don't like how they're using me in the offense". Hopefully this is something the rest of the Chiefs will start emulating.

I really like what I see in KC. I wouldn't want to work there but if they give us a winner, everyone is going to feel good about themselves.

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02-28-2009, 02:32 PM