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04-07-2009, 01:37 AM
DAILY DOWNLOAD: Chiefs should be open to trading with Denver

It wonít happen because it would take an incredible amount of nerve by both parties, but the Chiefs should take the deal if Denver offers its two first-round picks (Nos. 12 and 18) in exchange for Kansas Cityís first-rounder (No. 3).

Thereís strength in numbers, and thatís what the Chiefs need right now, as many potential good players as they can get their hands on. Other than acquiring Mike Vrabel, a short-term fix at best, I donít see where theyíve done much so far to fix their horrible defense.
Denver might be thinking the same thing because the Broncosí defense last season wasnít much better than KCís. Believe it or not, the Broncos seem to genuinely think Kyle Orton might be their solution at QB.
Normally, Iíd say the deal would have no chance of happening, even if both sides are dying to make it. Thereís a lot of risk in making a trade that could set up a division rival for success for a lot of years.
But the decision-makers here, Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels, are from the Bill Belichick tree, and he isnít afraid to make a trade with anyone.
Belichick picked up, or rather stole, Wes Welker from the division rival Dolphins a couple of years back. So maybe Pioli and McDaniels donít have the fears that often seem to paralyze NFL officials and prevent these sorts of trades from happening.
Back when opening day was fun
Used to be, opening day for baseball was my favorite day of the year.
It meant afternoons with Ryne Sandberg and Harry Caray. It meant baseball card-collecting and stale bubblegum. It meant trips to the ballpark, sunflower seeds and ice cream in miniature baseball helmets. It meant another year of trying to decipher what was written on the bottom of Billy Ripkenís bat on his baseball card. (Turns out, it was the ďfĒ word.)
Then it was all ruined by the two-headed hell beast that is Bud Selig-Barry Bonds.
Baseball first died for me with the 1994 strike when they canceled the World Series. Well, thatís not true. My baseball soul was crushed when Barry Bonds decided to take the money and run, leaving my Pittsburgh Pirates empty and hollow. The strike just finished the job.
The second time baseball died for me was when Bud Selig allowed Bonds to enter the batting box dressed like Robocop.
I canít watch an entire baseball game because of Bonds and Bud. Two demons intertwined forever are the main reasons a boy who once loved baseball no longer has a favorite team.