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Hello Chiefscrowd,

I'm so happy to have found this forum. Its tough finding Chiefs fans in Orange County to talk shop with, so its really cool seeing so many chiefs enthusiasts together in one place. I'm constantly having to explain to football fans I meet how I ended up a chiefs fan so I'm just gonna write the story down.

I've been into football since I was a little kid, and back in those days, sadly, I was rams fan. The rams used to play their home games at angels stadium. During the season we'd ditch church to go. It was awesome.

Then in 1992, around the time I turned 10 years old my family relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was at this time I started playing football, and football became really important to me. In Utah there is no such thing as a home team and lots of people just adopt these surrogate teams that they love for whatever reason. Something about the chiefs spoke to me. I found myself imitating Christian Okoye on offense and Derrick Thomas on defense, and it stuck. I moved back to California only three years later, and by then both the rams and raiders had moved and all the football fans were miserable, except me. We had just acquired Joe Montana and I was a happy chiefs fan.

As you all know, sometimes its extremely painful living and dying with the chiefs. I'm not sure which hurts worse, the 2-14 season we just endured, or going 13-3 with a juggernaut offense only to lose our first playoff game to the goddamn colts in the only game I've ever heard of where neither team punted!

But there are moments that make it all worth it. This year I made my first pilgrimage to Arrowhead. It was a beautiful sunny day in October, and the KC BBQ culture was on full display. The fans and the food were awesome enough to take the sting out of an overtime loss to the bucs.

Later on I made my first trip to Oakland as a chiefs fan. Everything you've heard about Oakland fans is true. I couldn't contain myself when we returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown, and I very nearly got my *** kicked. It was my first chiefs victory in 4 games I had attended, and it was sweet.


me (left) and dad in a sea of black and silver on game day at the oakland coliseum. Dad was nice enough to risk wearing my Priest Holmes jersey even though he is a titans fan.

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