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05-15-2009, 10:04 AM
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Kevin , Springfield MO

04:48 PM ET

Hey Warren, Was it hard for you to transition from a four man front in Tampa to a 3 man front in Oakland? Do you think Glenn Dorsey can do it in K.C.?

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Glenn Dorsey's in trouble and so is Kansas City for trying to force him. Thank God I only had to do it for 16 games. It's not hard, it just takes away all the advantages you possess. Being fast, quick, agile in the 4-3. The 3-4 doesn't allow your talents to come out.

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05-15-2009, 10:20 AM
I don't think Warren was as quick and agile in his last year with the Raiders as was during his earlier years with TB. Besides, I always felt that he could have been better had he lost about 20 lbs.

05-15-2009, 12:00 PM
I think dorsey just doesnt and didnt ever want to play for the chiefs.thus he doesnt produce.

05-15-2009, 12:07 PM
I think dorsey just doesnt and didnt ever want to play for the chiefs.thus he doesnt produce.

Sims was like that.

05-15-2009, 12:09 PM
Warren Sapp is a loud mouth that always compares other players to himself which I find egotictical and unneeded. Why can't he just say that Dorsey should just give up? My OPIION is that Dorsey can do it if he works hard and doesn't concern himself with being a big name sack master and simply puts his focuz on making the KC defensive unit a better squad during his stint on the field. He has the ability and is young enough to be transitioned into what ever he desires, I just hope he doesn't listen to the critics or better yet does listen to them and decides to prove them all wrong.

I'm for that.

05-15-2009, 12:50 PM
The jury is still out on Dorsey, but as far as Sims goes. The one thing a lineman has to have to be good is that mean streak. That I'm gonna take your head off, no way anybody is going to beat me streak. Sims an well as some of the Chiefs other linemen drafted were soft. You gotta be tough and smart to succeed in the trenchs.

05-15-2009, 01:08 PM
I think Herm drafted Dorsey to be Warren Sapp. I think Herm did that, not comprehending that Warren Sapp was a once in a generation player. He succeeded, not because he was smaller and somewhat quicker but in spite of the fact that he was smaller and somewhat quicker. I don't think any defensive lineman in NFL history, not Reggie White, not Michael Strahan, not Bruce Smith, not JA, has played with the motor and meanness of Sapp.

I hope Dorsey works out. He has significant physical and training obstacles to overcome to do so. Even if he's a serviceable 3-4 DE, I have a feeling we'll regret using the 5th pick of 2008 on him.

Vanilla Garilla
05-15-2009, 05:33 PM
Only time will tell with Dorsey. I hope he is working hard this offseason, and preparing himself to be a major unit in what could be the AFC'S best Defensive line. What Dorsey does this season will be an indicator as to if he is going to remain a Chief. I think if he has a mediocre year, then he will be traded to a team that will utilize him in a 4-3.

05-17-2009, 02:07 AM
who cares what Warren Sapp says about anything?

Deacon Jones was a mean S.O.B

I don't think anyone who played or is playing in the NFL circa 1979 was anything like the players that came before them. I mean when you watch some of the old highlights and such of the era and everyone back then looks like a bruiser. They don't even looke like athletes (not that they weren't) just a bunch of hard *** guys looking to beat the s*** out of each other.

05-17-2009, 11:21 AM
I think that Mean Joe Greene was bigger and meaner than Sapp as was too tall Jones. Before you go callin Sapp the greatest and meanest DLineman of all time you should look at the decades before the 90's. There has been alot of big mean and nasty men that have been bigger and meaner. Richard Dent , The Fridge, Lyle Alzado , John Matuzak . I could go on and on because there has been alot of men from the era of football that had less rules to deal with and they could be as mean as they wanted .

I wrote that Sapp was "a once in a generation player." I was talking about this generation of players. In the 90s and 00s, no one even comes close. Dorsey doesn't either.