View Full Version : KC Star : Five things to watch in Saturday night's Chiefs-Seahawks game

08-29-2009, 01:04 AM
1 Tyler Thigpen’s play. The Chiefs need to decide whether Thigpen is expendable, and he can help them with that decision one way or another. Thigpen probably won’t enter the game until the third quarter, but while he’s in, he needs to show he can operate from a conventional pro offense. His throwing accuracy after dropping back from center has been lousy. 2 Create turnovers. The Chiefs haven’t taken the ball away from an opponent in two preseason games. They have the personnel to get that done, and now’s the time to set the tone for the regular season. They’ve done a decent job against two strong rushing teams and have sporadically put pressure on the opposing quarterback but haven’t yet converted that to turnovers.

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