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09-01-2009, 01:13 PM
With the first cuts comeing At anytime now heres just a few guys that i think will be looking for other teams.

Darling with his injury i think that he will be let go. After hereing Haileys comments yesterday saying that he wont comment on darling while he still legaly can i think thats a sign that darling will be out.

Zach Thomas With him not being able to play and the rumors of his retirement i think this is anther player that could be hering the bad news. Its a shame becuse if he could ever get healty enough i think he still has a couple of good games left in him. But with all that has happened I think he is anther guy who will be off the rostor soon.

Bobby Engram I simply put him here becuse he has not been on the field much during the games. This could just be a case of saveing a guy for the season but with tommer seeing playing time and tommer comeing in much later then Engram i would not be to surprised to see him cut. If not in the first cuts in the bigger cut later on.

Barry Richardson The guy has not excaltly been lighting it up so far. With Hailey being a get the job done now type guy that he is I dont think it would be much of a shock to see the guy let go. Its a shame becuse he is still a very young player. But hes not getting the job done and the fact that he is a young player might not be enought to save him

Just some guys that if I were them i would not be felling safe at this time. GO CHIEFS!

Big Daddy Tek
09-01-2009, 02:46 PM
Bobby Engram and Todd Haley have history, so I think he has a chance to stay. The emergence of Ashley Lelie doesnt help his chances though. Toomer is gone, Kolby Smith is gone (or atleast on PUP.) Barry Richardson is definitly gone. There is 2-3 no namers that will be gone too.

09-01-2009, 02:47 PM