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User Name Member Since Posts Reputation Reverse Sort Order LocationFavorite Past Chiefs PlayerFavorite Current Chiefs Player
brdempsey69 Hall of Famer 06-19-2010 6,423  Bobby Bell, Will Shields, Willie RoafJamaal Charles
ctchiefsfan Hall of Famer 01-24-2009 7,049 Falls Village, CtWillie Lanier 
Eydugstr Hall of Famer 01-03-2008 3,151  Neil Smith, Dave Krieg, Christian OkoyeD. Poe, T. Hali, JC, DJ, Alex S.
Canada Chief Badass 03-29-2007 13,363 Read the name dumbass!!Derrick ThomasTamba Hali
matthewschiefs censorship victim 08-29-2009 11,704  Derrick ThomasJamal Charles
Chiefster Homer go crazy!!! 09-03-2005 28,717 SE KansasDerrick Thomas #58Jamaal Charles
chief31 Sith Master 05-26-2006 9,152 IllinoisPast-Derrick Thomas.Now-Jamaal Charles 
TopekaRoy The Wizard of Oz 07-25-2011 3,031 Topeka< KSPriest HolmesJamaal Charles
hermhater I am what I am. 09-17-2007 18,752 RIGHT NEXT TO ARROWHEAD!Dwayne Bowe 
tornadospotter Super Moderator 08-06-2007 7,490 NebraskaDerrick Thomas #58Tamba Hali
Coach Site Owner and Admin 02-17-2004 15,247  Derrick ThomasTamba Hali
texaschief Hall of Famer 06-21-2005 3,846 San Antonio, TXChristian OkoyeJustin Houston
jason1981 a Fanatic chiefs fan 12-15-2008 2,851 kcmoDerrick Thomasderrick johnson
rbedgood Jimmy the Greek 08-05-2007 4,843 Phoenix, AZJoe Montana 
Guru I'm baaack 05-27-2006 5,091  Everyone but that kicker and this QB. 
Connie Jo Hall of Famer 02-24-2009 3,943 Kansas City! HOME OF THE CHIIIEEEFS!Bobby Bell, Derrick Thomas (RIP)DBowe-McCluster-Berry
tammietailgator K-9 Head Coach 09-02-2007 2,834 GardnerKC WOLF 
Hayvern Hall of Famer 11-30-2007 2,605 Ventura, Ca.Marcus Allen 
Seek Hall of Famer 06-13-2008 3,715 Kansas CityWill ShieldsDerrick Johnson
royalswin100games It's funny cause he's fat 08-07-2007 2,152 South CarolinaJoe Montana 
Bike Beer is good 09-18-2007 4,595 Drunken StateChristian Okoye 
kcvet Hall of Famer 09-28-2008 2,696 kansas city  
Frankenchief Hall of Famer 01-28-2009 1,085  Willie Lanier 
AkChief49 Hall of Famer 02-14-2007 3,080 ALASKAOkoye, ThomasHali,Charles,Flower,Houston
YZILLA South Dakota Chiefs Fan 03-14-2007 1,408 Hartford, South DakotaDerrick Thomas, Priest HolmesJamal Charles, Peyton Hillis
m0ef0e Hall of Famer 01-06-2007 2,425 Grain Valley, MO  
Ryfo18 King Kong 09-21-2008 2,962    
AussieChiefsFan Hall of Famer 02-16-2009 10,594 Sydney, AustraliaT.Gonzalez•D.Thomas-RIP•L.Dawson•MontanaJamaal Charles• Eric Berry
anaeelbackwards PART of SPECIAL-ed TEAMS 09-16-2007 1,497 Killer City, KST-GUNZ/DT58dmc22™
N TX Dave Hall of Famer 01-24-2009 1,499 Lewisville, TX (Dallas)DT, Lenny, OTAll of them
stricken721 It's football time in KC! 11-16-2008 2,872 Pearland, TexasDerrick Thomas, Jan StenerudDwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles
DrunkHillbilly Hall of Famer 07-10-2007 1,852 Scottsdale, ArizonaDT 
garciakcfan Star Player 09-10-2007 320 Sioux Falls, SDDerrick ThomasDwayne Bowe
Wski Girl here for the beer... 04-21-2008 457 Aurora, NeDante Hall 
Big Daddy Tek Chief Tek 07-31-2008 883  Christian Okoye, RIP D.T.Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali
mejohnm Star Player 11-24-2008 178    
doobs_05 Your Drinking Buddy 09-08-2008 2,114 Miles City, MontanaDerrick ThomasThe one's that no one buys Jerseys for
BoltWalt Spy 05-11-2010 107 San Diego CaliforniaLen DawsonBowe, Dwayne
josh1971 Hall of Famer 10-19-2008 1,582  Art StillTamba Hali
Three7s Hall of Famer 09-08-2007 2,246  Donnie Edwards 
Almighty chief Star Player 02-18-2015 200    
Sn@keIze Habits form who you are 09-06-2008 1,383 Sexy VilleRyan Succop 
spiman "Really?" 08-06-2007 883 S.J. CaliMarcus Allen#24 Like the car..
Vandelay Hall of Famer 11-24-2008 1,102 springfield moNeil SmithTamba Hali
Pro_Angler Hall of Famer 10-01-2007 4,481 tucsonThomas 
chiefnut Hall of Famer 01-11-2009 1,538 PennsylvaniaLEN DAWSON 
#58ChiefsFan Survived The Pioli Error 09-05-2009 1,502  Derrick ThomasDJ
slc chief Hall of Famer 09-08-2008 2,045  derrick thomaseric berry
Chiefs4life24 Hall of Famer 09-15-2014 3,614  Derrick ThomasDerrick Johnson
Chief from the North Star Player 03-01-2008 178 ManitobaGlenn Dorsey 
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