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  1. Webnews: Jason Avant compares himself to NBA great Tim Duncan

    By Darin Gantt
    It’s hard to remember a player who has sounded so...
  2. Webnews: AFC playoff picture: Ravens can chart their own path

    By Mike...
  3. Webnews: Eric Berry headed to non-football illness list due to ma

    By Josh Alper...
  4. Webnews: Chiefs nabbing defensive lineman off Steelers practice s

    By Darin Gantt
    The Steelers practice squad is becoming the place to go...
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    Gaines should be starting in front of Parker....

    Gaines should be starting in front of Parker. Ford was drafted for depth and as Tamba's replacement. I think he will be good once he starts playing. Our defense is predicated on a solid pass rush....
  6. Webnews: Broncos open as slight favorites at Kansas City

    By Mike Wilkening...
  7. Thread: Release parker!

    by Coach

    Smith isn't all that great either imo. Thankfully...

    Smith isn't all that great either imo. Thankfully we have a decent pass rush. I want to see more from Phillip Gaines.
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    By Mike Florio
    Raiders linebacker Sio Moore is lucky his excessive third-down celebration didn’t prevent Oakland...
  9. Webnews: Chiefs add Jason Avant, put A.J. Jenkins on injured rese

    By Michael David...
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    Webnews: Chiefs to sign Jason Avant

    By Josh Alper
  11. View Post

    By Josh Alper
    Seahawks wide...
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    By Mike Florio
    We close every in-season Thursday edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN by picking the winner of the...
  13. Webnews: Tamba Hali: No excuses, Raiders wanted it more

    By Josh Alper
  14. Webnews: Pete Carroll says league admitted to missing two P-I cal

    By Curtis Crabtree
    Seattle Seahawks fans have heard this one before. Incorrect calls by a referee crew led...
  15. Webnews: AFC playoff picture: Raiders do the Broncos a big favor

    By Mike Wilkening...
  16. Webnews: Raiders snap 16-game losing streak with 24-20 win over C

    By Curtis Crabtree
    The Oakland Raiders 16-game losing streak is over. Derek Carr orchestrated a 17-play,...
  17. Webnews: Charles Woodson becomes first player in NFL history with

    By Curtis Crabtree
    When Charles Woodson ultimately elects to walk away from the NFL, it will be a short...
  18. Webnews: Chiefs mount rally to take lead in fourth quarter agains

    By Curtis Crabtree
    After holding a halftime lead for the first time in nearly a full calendar year, the...
  19. Webnews: Junior Hemingway undergoes concussion evaluation, ruled

    By Mike...
  20. Webnews: Latavius Murray exits with possible concussion

    By Mike Florio
    On Thursday night, Raiders running back Latavius Murray joined Bo Jackson and Terrelle Pryor as the...
  21. Webnews: Could tonight be the night? Raiders take early lead

    By Michael David Smith
    The Oakland Raiders haven’t won a game in more than a year. Could tonight be the night?...
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    By Mike...
  23. Webnews: Derek Carr, Miles Burris probable for Raiders

    By Mike...
  24. Webnews: Donnie Avery, A.J. Jenkins out for Chiefs

    By Josh Alper
  25. I'm nervous about every game, including this one....

    I'm nervous about every game, including this one. Anyone can be beaten by any team in this league. Raiders almost beat the Patriots in foxborough a few weeks back. The Rams beat the Broncos last...
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