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  1. Super Bowl Iv Dvd

    Connie Jo
    Hi,Thanks for the reply! was really hoping to find the 2 super bowls and especially the 12/25/71 chiefs/dolphins 2 ot game,that game ive been told is lost forever,others say...
  2. Wanted Super Bowl IV COMPLETE game DVD [in color]

    Looking for DVD FULL GAME IN COLOR,EXC SOUND & QUALITY Super Bowl IV Chiefs/Vikings,Also Super Bowl I Chiefs/Packers [same description] I believe the packer game is available
  3. Wanted dvd of '71 Playoffs Dolphins vs Chiefs!!

    Not Holding my breath here,But does ANY CHIEFS FAN own a copy of this great game [still think chiefs should have won this game!] i would like to buy a copy from you,Let me know ,Thanks!!
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