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    Grooming a QB

    We tried the whole draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round and try to groom him, and that's how we ended up in the mess this season, his name was Brodie Croyle.

    Thigpen deserves more credit than what...
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    Poll: Playoffs in 2010

    I think you're right about a lot depending on what is going to happen with the coaching staff.

    I believe that if we can solidify 4 main positions this season we will be pushing for the playoffs in...
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    Making peace not war

    I do agree.

    I wouldn't complain about getting crabtree, but I do feel we need the help on defense more.

    If there isn't a top Def. player worth a #3 pick, then I wouldn't complain about getting...
  4. Thanks again!

    Thanks for the Agreement!

    Good luck Tyler! Most of us have your back!
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    No need for Crabtree

    How many times do people have to post on here, before they realize we don't need Crabtree. It's a waist of that high of a pick!

    I know more people agree with me I've seen the posts.

    we have...
  6. agree

    Yeah I like Shonn Green too, and I don't see why our coaches would have a problem letting him tote the tough running load.

    We are starting to see a lot of young talents specialist in the NFL. I...
  7. Coaching to your players strengths

    As I had said in a post a few days ago.

    Good Coaches, coach to their players strengths.

    And one other argument about defenses adjusting to our offense after halftime....

    If any of you have...
  8. Thank you coach!

    Thank your Coach!

    My point has been proven!
  9. Believer in Thigpen

    I have't read much of this tread yet, say the overall topic so here it goes:

    I am a firm believer in Thigpen as our starter. I was talking to a friend of mine in preseason and stated "this kid is...
  10. Leaning on Charles

    I agree that if CHarles can bulk up a bit more, we could rely on him as the starting back. Then we really could afford to get rid of LJ and draft a back like Shonn Green.

    I also agree with the...
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    No need for Crabtree

    I agree, there is no need for Crabtree. Our Receiving corp this year was decent enough. Actually the best combo that I could think of since Kennison was young.

    Bowe is becoming an elite WR. he was...
  12. Thread: 2010 QB Class

    by RedZones

    Wrong year sorry

    Sorry that is this years class, not sure on the 2010 class
  13. Thread: 2010 QB Class

    by RedZones

    Top QB Prospects

    Top 8 QB Prospects according to FF

    1. Matthew Stafford-Georgia
    2. Sam Bradford- Oklahoma
    3. Tim Tebow- Florida
    4. Curtis Painter- Purdue
    5. Nate Davis- Ball State
    6. Mark...
  14. Charles Change of Pace

    I agree with a comment stated earlier: Good teams in todays NFL have two good RB's, and Thunder type runner for btwn the Tackels and a Lightning like Charles that can hit a big play at any given...
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    Like signing a LB in FA as an Option

    I agree Vilma would be a good addition, and a legit starter for years to come but with the view of building through the draft they might not go that route.

    One other option that I wouldn't mind...
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    2009 1st rd Pick

    I haven't read much of the posts on this thread yet, but saw that it was about the draft.

    I can see that may of the mock drafts on the net are projecting Us to pick a top QB.... But honestly I...
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