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    That guy really isnt a very informed beat writer...

    That guy really isnt a very informed beat writer if he thinks the Chiefs have allowed alot of sacks this year. Take away last Sunday, Cassell had been sacked multiple times in just 2 games all...
  2. Eric Berry named Defensive Rookie of the Month for December

    How about that folks. Eric Berry named defensive rookie of the month of December. He has to be one of our best first rounders in some time. Although, Tamba Hali is working out to be an excellent...
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    Why not one more Charles carry?

    Why in the world with 7:55 left in the game, did the offense yesterday not give Jamaal Charles one more carry to break Jim Brown's 50 year record for yards per carry? At one point in the game...
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    Bandwaggers, go by the way. This is football, this is the NFL!

    You know, I am reading post from people. this morning, who are even questioning the validity of the Chiefs season because of a loss to a division foe who always plays the Chiefs tight and isnt a bad...
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    I personally believe we can be better than the...

    I personally believe we can be better than the Jets of last year. I really believe we can be the Cardinals of a few years ago. The teams that win are going to get hot in the playoffs. The hot team...
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