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  1. in the dog-pile

    :efpge: everyone that's played pee-wee to the NFL knows these things happen, I hate cry babies!!!
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    help! I need help finding the online petition

    help! I need help finding the online petition
  3. Carl Peterson-the Big Loser!!!!!!

    :sign0103: Let's face it. Carl wasn't a good scout, player, coach or executive. All he ever did for the Kansas City Chiefs was pick the wrong players, make negations impossible and was totally...
  4. I'm not sure if the fans in KC are sad to see...

    I'm not sure if the fans in KC are sad to see Trent Green retire. Having a lot of passing yards may seem self graphing, but it didn't bring the Chiefs any Championships.
  5. Loser

    :iamwithstupid: It really doesn't matter if LJ is at practice or not. I think the Chiefs would be better off without him. He certainly isn't worth his base pay..
  6. Alex Magee

    :sign0098: I think everything about Alex Magee seem like a good choice. Now we must wait and see. I know one thing is for sure it can't be as bad as Carl Peterson and cronies pick. They always...
  7. I'm glad to see Scott P. and Tom H. set out the...

    I'm glad to see Scott P. and Tom H. set out the rules Chrystal clear. I still think keeping LJ is a problem to continue under the new Generals. I hope this will finally put LJ and others who want to...
  8. Off Season Conditioning

    :sign0098: I think this show how winners and losers run their off season preparation. Herm was a player coach and that's fine if the team was a proven winner, but with Carl Peterson incompetency and...
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    :iamwithstupid: I don't know what to think of signing Ramsey. For him to be paid to sit on the bench sounds great financially. The Titans has been better than average team, but this really doesn't...
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    Super Bowl Fans!!!!

    :mob: With the new players who are coming to K.C. they will find out we are the best fans and when it comes to making the stadium rock, ask around, we are
    # 1
  11. Brodie Croyle- DEAD ON ARRIVEL

    :sign0104: It has become apparent that Brodie may have talent, but it also has become clear between his injuries and poor showing that I wouldn't even want him as a 3rd.string backup quarterback on...
  12. Rebuilding

    :sign0098: I think Scott and Todd are beginning to show how one become successful, though the draft, free agency and bring in quality veterans. People say we might go 500,(8-8), on the season, but...
  13. Todd Haley off season program

    It seems to me that Todd is real serious about off season. Herm Edwards was a player coach and was to lax and the record show it.
  14. I Wantedtraded Or Released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :sign0153: I will only say that the players like LJ, Waters, and the others who don't want to be a winner then send them down the road and say goodby.
  15. Larry Johnson

    LJ has his chance and now it's time to kick him out of the locker-room door.
  16. :bananen_smilies046: With the Lions help.We will...

    :bananen_smilies046: With the Lions help.We will get the defence rebuilding started.

    Mike Zarrilli
  17. LJ-the lose cannon

    LJ has been an distraction to our team since he has been here. I haven't been on "His" team and was really happily surprised about Kolby Smith performance last year before got hurt. It...
  18. AFL Uniforms

    :yahoo: sounds like a good way to honor Lamar Hunt
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    :mob: With Scott and Haley we will finally get a...

    :mob: With Scott and Haley we will finally get a Superbowl ring. I can't wait for spring training camp to begin.
  20. Breaking the door open

    There is nothing wrong with Pioli style of silence, but we would like to know a little more about what players and style of playing he is looking for to fix our damm poor offense.
  21. Nick Lowery

    :bananen_smilies046: I know all Chiefs fan are happy to hear that Nick finally got what he earned and deserved. Sure did miss him last year
  22. :sign0098: Some things are worth waiting...

    :sign0098: Some things are worth waiting for!!!!!!!!!!
  23. C J Jones

    While we are celebrating our new and still rebuilding effort. It's another big + as now Bowe will have help. The Ace in the Hole is of course Tony G. Watch out everyone. Playoffs, here we...
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    Looking Good!!!!

    :mob: I think Scott is a very smart and savy guy. I think Head-Coach Haley is going to be the best coach we ever had. Yes we remember going 13-3 under Marty, but still got knock out in the play...
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