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  1. Webnews: Full list of 2016 unrestricted and restricted free agent

    By Curtis Crabtree
    Now that the 2015 season is officially in the rear view mirror, it’s time to turn...
  2. Webnews: Chiefs owner thinks team can contend for Super Bowl

    By Darin Gantt
    Chiefs owner Clark Hunt believes he has a good team on his hands, and doesn’t think they need a...
  3. Webnews: Falcons hire Collier as personnel director

    By Zac Jackson
    The Falcons have hired Joel Collier as their director of player personnel....
  4. Webnews: Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers installed as early favorite

    By Josh Alper
    The Broncos have been Super Bowl champions for less than 24 hours, but time waits...
  5. Replies

    Webnews: See you on September 8

    By Mike Florio
    The 2015 season is over. Which means that...
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    Webnews: 2016 NFL Draft first round order

    By Zac Jackson
    Now that the season is over, the order for the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft is final. The...
  7. Webnews: Peters the easy pick as AP Defensive Rookie of the Year

    By Zac Jackson
    Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters was named the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year...
  8. Webnews: Eric Berry named comeback player of the year

    By Michael David...
  9. View Post

    By Zac...
  10. Webnews: PFT Live: Marcus Mariota, Joe Montana, Antonio Brown and

    By Josh Alper
  11. Webnews: Report: Chiefs ramping up extension talks with Eric Berr

    By Josh Alper
    The Chiefs have several impending free agents on their defense this offseason and...
  12. Webnews: Chiefs announce contract extension with Travis Kelce

    By Josh Alper
    Next season is the last covered by the deal tight end Travis Kelce signed with the...
  13. Webnews: Rice, Irvin pick sides in riveting Pro Bowl draft

    By Zac Jackson
    So much drama. So much at stake. So much…filler content. The Pro Bowl draft was held as part of a...
  14. Webnews: Welcome to the (largely replacement) Pro Bowl

    By Darin Gantt
    Sunday’s Pro Bowl features the best of the NFL’s best. Unless it doesn’t. While some...
  15. Webnews: Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson headed to Pro Bowl too

    By Darin Gantt
    Chiefs coach Andy Reid will be in charge of one of the teams when he gets to Hawaii, and now...
  16. Spoken like a true donkey: "We ain't look at...

    Spoken like a true donkey:
    "We ain't look at nothing the Chiefs did — they got served," Talib said, via The Kansas City Star. "The Chiefs ain't help us do nothing. They sorry."

    No need to wish...
  17. Webnews: Dezman Moses fined $17,363 for roughing the passer

    By Josh Alper
    Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola isn’t the only player who drew a fine as a...
  18. Webnews: Danny Amendola fined for hit on Jamell Fleming

    By Josh Alper
    Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said that Danny Amendola’s block on Chiefs...
  19. Webnews: Andy Reid: Clock management is important and we handled

    By Michael David Smith
    Chiefs coach Andy Reid says his team’s historically slow drive in the fourth quarter of...
  20. Webnews: Chiefs name Childress and Nagy co-offensive coordinators

    By Darin Gantt
    The Chiefs can’t fill Doug Pederson’s spot with one guy. So they promoted two. The team announced...
  21. Webnews: John Dorsey expects to have Jamaal Charles back and heal

    By Josh Alper
    The Chiefs were able to reel off an 11-game winning streak before their season...
  22. Webnews: NFL officials forgot air gauges, footballs in hotel befo

    By Curtis Crabtree
    Another year, another playoff game in New England with an unusual...
  23. Webnews: Derek Carr, Sean Lee added to Pro Bowl roster

    By Josh Alper
    Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Packers coach Mike McCarthy will be on the sideline for...
  24. Webnews: Pederson explains slow pace of play calling late in Chie

    By Mike Florio
    The Eagles introduced coach Doug Pederson...
  25. Webnews: Doug Pederson will call offensive plays, confirms Schwar

    By Josh Alper
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