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  1. thanks!

  2. people i am missing the game help out a chiefs...

    people i am missing the game help out a chiefs fan please!
  3. help me out with a link the one in the first...

    help me out with a link
    the one in the first post isn't working
  4. need a link to watch the game online....go!

    need a link to watch the game online....go!
  5. thanks! my sunday is saved!

    thanks! my sunday is saved!
  6. link to watch online.

    My damn tv is broken and i need a link to watch online. any help?
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    A DUI Lawyer's quick insight about Washington's charge

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: KC Chief's defensive back arrested for DUI and more.
  8. Cowboys WR, Dez Bryant in Trouble with the law.


    Looks like he got into it with his mother and then she called the cops...

    Here is the story.

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Dallas Cowboys WR makes plea to prosecutors, not to pursue charges.
  9. Zimmerman amasses small fortune for legal defense.

    I thought it was pretty crazy how much money this guy raised via paypal to pay for his legal defense. Check it out, turns out his lawyer may be in a little trouble also.
  10. A little justice for everyone that has gotten a speeding ticket.

    If your from the southern part of the state heading up 65 to go to a game at arrowhead then you already know about this place. Well let hope the insanity is over!

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Every cop...
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    Justin Blackmon gets second DUI charge.

    Looks like the Jaguars might have been fooled. Hopefully this kid cleans up his act.

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Justin Blackmon (OSU COWBOYS/ Jacksonville Jaguars) gets a 2nd DUI charge
  12. minor in possession

    minor in possession
  13. SuperBowl Parties Beware: Cops out in full force issuing DUI's

    Don't chance it this weekend. This Shawnee cop talks about handing out DUI's and how people try to avoid them.

    Spoiler Alert: They are watching the side streets!

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog:...
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    COPS all over I69, Just FYI

    It was on the news last night but looks like they were keeping their word. Don't speed on I69 today.

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Police will be cracking down on 69 Hwy in Overland Park.
  15. Saw this on the news. Useful info for people who like to drink

    Looks like a few shawnee kansas kids got busted for MIP. Did a small write up on it including Punishments for MIP in Kansas.

    Could be some useful info to know if you are ever around some kids...
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    Matt Cassell is a hero?

    Thats what people are saying. Sounds like he possibly saved a lady in a fire. Here is the article.

    Report: Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel alerts woman to burning home - NFL News | FOX Sports...
  17. Kansas City man gets 164 years in Prison.

    What do you have to do to get 164 years in prison? Well I'll give you a hint he didn't kill anyone. But he did do some bad things.

    Click here for the whole story.

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog:...
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    KCK Cops busted stealing from homes!

    Looks like some KCK Cops got busted stealing from the homes of people they were supposed to be serving warrants on! What a bunch of jerks!

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Kansas Police caught stealing...
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    KC Lawyer in Big Trouble!

    Not sure if you all read this but, a KC lawyer tried to pass off a client's twin brother to a judge and jury. Pretty stupid.

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: KC Lawyer appears with Twin Brother of...
  20. Off Topic but hilarious. Car wreck with 8 ferraris and a Prius.

    Saw this the other day thought it was pretty dang crazy. This has to be the most expensive car wreck in history. Eight Ferraris plus some more exotics.
    Read below:

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: 8...
  21. Cop Gives driver a ticket, then asks her out on a date..=Lawsuit

    Saw this and had to post it thought it was hilarious!

    Cop gets sued for tracking this lady down and asking her out!

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Cop gives lady speeding ticket then hits on...
  22. Chiefs QB in suit for lost millions with Chicago Lawyers

    It just goes to show you you need to check out your lawyer before you hire him. Some might not have your best interests at heart...

    KC Ticket Guy's Blog: Chiefs Quarterback Sues for lost millions!
  23. anyone doing a playoff league?

    anyone doing a playoff league?
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    this made me bust up. lol

    this made me bust up. lol
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