Hey there Chiefs Crowd guys & gals,

My friend can't make it in from Wisconsin for this Sunday's Home Opener against the Raiders, others I know have Sunday committments already...so I have one ticket available for sale if any one is interested in buying it from me.

The ticket is Lower Level, Section 129, Row 5, seat 11 or 12, whichever is preferred, makes no difference to me which seat I sit in, haha...just as long as I'm there! :)

I paid $260 for the two tickets on Ebay, so $130 per ticket & would like to have the $130 out of it, but price is negotiable if need be, rather than waste a ticket.

Just so you'll know who you would be sitting beside...& that I'm not weirdo, haha...I'm a 53 yr old loving grandma, haha...below is a pic of me, taken last month. I don't mind beer drinking, though I likely won't have more than one or two with having to drive an hour back home after the game. Don't mind cussing & hollering either...I'll likely do some myself, haha. I'm fairly easy to get along with. Thanks! :)