That hurt, but there are areas that are improving. I thought our QB play and OL play were improving. Not great, but flashes of good things to come. LJ looked good as did the entire running game. Still not enough pressure on the QB, but good coverage in the secondary and we kept them from running at all. We converted 3rd downs, that's huge. We didn't give up 3rd and long all day (although when we did it was a crusher). I think we did find the QB of the future for us. Wade looked good at points too, that's a help. Not the answer for a kick returner, but good check down or primary choice for Cassel. So, a loss is a loss, but we moved the ball, stopped them all day, hopefully the ship is in the right direction. With that being said, I'm going to pour another glass of Jack and try to burn the rest of that game out of my head.