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Thread: Tony G makes that catch....

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    Default Tony G makes that catch....

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    .....and you all know that diving attempt of a catch in the end zone would have been snagged by Tony G and you know it...A new baby and another full tim gig gives me little time to post but with a new season in full swing I will sacrifice sleep to talk about the chiefs.

    Wasn't real fond of taking two time outs on one drive to get a field goal attempt. Wasnt real fond of not getting points on the board with 2 minutes left in the second quarter, not gonna lie it reminded me of Herm a little.

    Boys and girls we are in for a long season, gotta realize there's a good chance we start 0-6, 3 of those NFC teams can flat out play some football. With that said I am gonna be at the Dallas game next fring up the grill, drinking some beer with fellow fans and opponents, losing my voice yelling at the griefs...I mean cheifs!!

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    Yeah im sorry to say but hopes have dropped dramatically. :( I just hope we get a 4-12 record AT THE LEAST!!!

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    But then Atlanta would have scored 14 more points I wish he was still here but he is not so don't waste your time playing the what ifs game we need to get over losing Tony and move on.

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