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How about the fact that he has 27 posts and none of them have contributed anything useful to the forum? In fact nothing he says makes any sense whatsoever. On top of that, he's obviously not a Chief's fan. He has super negative rep too, and I haven't even had any part of that.

"lucky lefty you better just start putting our losses in your sig,were never hanna win a game....we won't be the first to go 0-16 atleast"

"ok so we saved part of Tonys ceerer so let's not suficate all of his.Poor Bowe sits there not being thrown to.Save his ceerer"

"yag I just figured out we suck"

"it's over we just lost 2 games to start the season off."

"Well it's pretty obvious why I'm seeing a lot on this....Chargers win the Division at 8-8 maybe 9 wins,Broncos win 6,And us...well 3-5,And the Raiders will pull of 3-5 too.So really whoever losses tomarrow will finish in the Wine cellar."

Also, his spelling offends me. But whatever, go ahead and keep giving me warnings and infractions while non-fans like this are ruining the forums one incoherent post at a time.

You'll never see me attack anyone who actually contributes here, for what it's worth.
Yeah, the guy is obviously an idiot trolling Chiefs fans for a reaction.