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Thread: Name your least favorite Chiefs ever....

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    Default Name your least favorite Chiefs ever....

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    This site already asks for your favorite Chief of all time, which mine like others is Derrick Thomas. How about your least favorite?

    My least favorite arrived in KC and did his press conference with a Cleveland Indian hat! Still cant believe that, plus he had LEFT THE BUILDING with an injury for 8 weeks allowing another QB to go 7-1 as a starter and get us home field throughout the playoffs. Then that cold winters day at Arrowhead we fans witnessed one of the biggest coaching blunders of all time when they started this ex niner and he played horrible and we lost. I dont think I have to say the name...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapitalT View Post
    I'm sure you hate him as much as I Chiefster ... so even though you're joking - I can't forgive you for typing his name. We could have won the superbowl that year! ... arghhhhh! such a great defense we had
    I can feel your anger; it gives you focus!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLateGreat#58Fan View Post
    Yes!! Let the hate flow through you!!

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