First, I need to give a HUGE thanks to YZILLA for inviting me to join him & his friends at Sunday's Home Opener against the Raiders. My son in law came with me, and everyone was GREAT with welcoming us, and we had a blast! I wish I could afford to attend every home game & tailgate with ChiefsCrowd members!

I'm anxiously awaiting the 12/6 game for more tailgating!

Hopefully sooner rather than later, the Chiefs will have it together and finish with a WIN on 12/6 against the Donkeys!! I really had high hopes against the Raiders, and we looked good in many ways. I definitely shed some red & gold tears inside my heart with the loss.

I'm a part time writer/storyteller, so please have patience with me as I move along here, haha.

We arrived at Arrowhead later than
planned...should've arrived by 9:30, but ran into one lane road construction on the two lane hwy over to I-29, then more one lane construction on I-29...bumper to bumper snail traffic. We lost a good 45 minutes due to construction. We arrived around 10:45, but at least were able to have some time tailgating before & a bit after the game too.

The only part of tailgating that was not enjoyable...was after the game. Raiders fans of course were gloating among us sad & disappointed Chiefs fans. :(

Also, somewhere along the walk back to the parking lot...I stepped in doggie poop! YUCK! On our way home the truck sorta started smelling. At first I thought my son in law had gas issues, haha. NOPE! We discovered it was dog poop on the bottom of my Chiefs tennis shoes! We stopped at a convenience store so I could clean it off. I had enough beer I laughed about it though!

Here are my pics below. I'm not sure how to do the Photobucket link, as I've never done it that way before. I'm going to do post more than one reply as I go along, because I have a couple little stories to tell along with some of the pics, haha.

I'm not sure who the Chiefs fan is in the pic below I'm standing beside, he was with another group we saw as we walked to the stadium, but I love his Chief's get up & wanted a pic! LOL I want a headdress too! He told me it was made by Pawnee Tribe artisians. I'm part Shawnee and Cree, so it would be really cool if I could find artisians within one of my Native Tribes to make one for me someday!