Hello & good day from Canada! I just want to mention that after the Cards Super Bowl run, expectations were sky high. Week 1 & we loose at home! We are 0-1! You would think the world was ending. Many fans were calling for Warner not only to be benched, but traded! It was pure mayhem. MADNESS! This was the kind of thing that was going on.

All I can say is, there are growing pains. And your team is only 0-2. You have 14 games left. You still have a shot at a playoff spot. You just have to believe & play hard.

I saw a moral victory by the chiefs after the week 2 loss. Despite things not exactly going as planned, the chiefs never gave up. They kept fighting. Thats extremely important for a young team. Develop that winning attitude & then you can hang with anyone.

So in conclusion, GO Chiefs ! ( after the Cardinals!)