Like most when i saw the Eagles on the Schedule I was quick to put that down as a loss. But after looking at the current Eagles situation with there Qb going out and there Running back possibley hobbled this week I began thinking about it more and have found hope that the chiefs will be able to maybe shock the NFL world this sunday and get there 1st win of the season ending the thoughts on some of a 0-16 year.

Reason 1. The chiefs will be faceing a Qb who has some simular problems to the one they just faced. Kolb has been inacurate in his brief time in the nfl and that is the main thing with ruessle. If the Chiefs can play the type of defense they did a week ago the chiefs will at least be in the game at the end. With maybe a chance to win it.

Reason 2. The chiefs Run D has been solid outside of the 2nd half against the ravens. The chiefs gave up alot of yards running week 1 but there were so many factors that went into that. Weather it be There qb getting a couple of runs or the D being on the field 40 minuits they played better then what the numbers show. Hopefuly they can keep the D up.

Reason 3. Todd hailey if memory serves was able to put points on the board against the eagles in the playoffs with the cardinals last season. I no the Cardnals have more talent then the chiefs at the moment and they have 2 great recivers. But if Bobby wade can put a game together like he did last week that will hopefuly at some point open things up for bowe during the game. The chiefs have potental to put up points on the eagles as well.

All that being said the chiefs will have to cut out the penalties and mistakes that coast them last week. You will never win a game if you repeat last week. But the chiefs have the abilty to go in the Philly and shock the football world. Lets just hope that also Philly overlooks the chiefs and the chiefs can catch them offgaurd. GO CHIEFS!!!!!