After a week in witch the chiefs lost a game despite domnateing the game there was hope that the Chiefs would be able to compete against the Eagles. That was not the case. The Chiefs did NOT come into this game ready to play at all. That can and I will put that on Chiefs head coach Todd Hailey. That being said I do want to say a few things as i no what is comeing from many fans.

First the playcalling. Bottom line It realy does not matter what play is called if the O line plays like it did today. Weather it was a run or a pass the O line at times seemed like it was not even there. As for the 2nd half I think that Hailey at that point was just trying to live to play anther day. Yes the chiefs settled for many short passes on plays that they needed alot. But does anyone actuly think that the O line could have held up enough to allow the recivers to get down field I dont. In the NFL if you can not run the ball it makes it hard to throw the ball and if you cant throw the ball its hard to run the ball. With the chiefs O line they can do neither. Matt Cassle is not the problem right now either. He did not turn the ball over. He cant outrun the entire front line of any defense. This is a TEAM problem. Not one person or one coach.

On defense the chiefs had a thing that haunted them a year ago MISSED TACKLES. On the long TD pass there was a missed tackle. The Chiefs have got to learn to tackle better. This is still a VERY young team and they are still learning. That being said The Defense clearly took a large step back in this game.

The Chiefs are an 0-3 football team and after the preformace they gave in Philly they have a lot of sole searching to do. But to Blame this loss on Todd Hailey alone is a big time mistake. This is deeper then that. This goes back to the managment that Chiefs were under the past few years. This goes to the players on the field. This is a team that needs to look in the mirror and decide if they are ready to quit for the year or not. I tried to find one thing that The chiefs could take away from this game as a postive and the only thing i could think of is that After fumbling the ball LJ did not toatly quit. Thats not much but its all i could find. This is a LARGE setback for the Kansas City Chiefs. One that as a fan hurts big time. Next week we will see what this team has. This one is going to be hard to bounce back from.