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Thread: Half empty glass.

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    Default Half empty glass.

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    From another website I rarely go to, today I read this from BarryinStLouis........

    Look. I will be the first one to admit that I have had my fair share of coming over the top with things. Especially when it comes to my Kansas City Chiefs. They have now successfully lost 26 of their last 28 games. I'm sorry.

    To add insult to injury, The Detroit Lions got their first win before Kansas City. I'm throwing a flag. ( like the 9 that hit the field for 90 yards against Philly )

    People have grown tired of the optimism everywhere I look. Things just could not be any worse for this franchise right now. They just can't. It makes me want to throw up all over this laptop. ( luckily, I have starved myself yet again for another road game. I never eat before a road game. I learned this lesson last year)

    I have stated many times that I stand behind this coach, and his staff. I sure as hell am not changing my tune now. Todd Haley has his hands full, there is no doubt about it at this point.

    But one thing has become perfectly clear to me after this most disappointing loss. This team isn't doing much right. You'd think after a heartbreaking loss against the Faid last week, that they would have shown a better effort. You'd think that a backup quarterback would not be able to to throw for that many yards against a defense that we all think is getting better.

    You'd think that the countless third and longs might merit a halfway decent pass play call, instead of a repeated draw that goes nowhere. You'd think that after getting penalized up the *** last week, that they would have learned their lesson heading into a hostile place like Philly. You'd think that giving up sack after sack on offense, that maybe they might adjust their game plan at halftime, instead of watching them run the ball, and time off the clock while losing by mass proportion. You'd think that they would be aggressive in every way they could be, but they weren't.

    The glass isn't half full today. I doubt it will be for a while. Not with this product on the field. Although I support Todd Haley, and his staff 100%, I will take his advice, and hold HIM AND HIS STAFF accountable for the weak effort, and the countless flags. I expect to see results, as well as the rest of this nation. Today, there were no results. This one, AGAIN, is on the staff as far as I'm concerned. This team was not prepared to play football this week my friends. There was absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

    SO, I have decided to cross over to the dark side here on HOTC for a while. I will join in the booing. There will be no 10-6. There will be no 6-10. Only a brand new jersey for a friend, and colleague who supports this site, and everything I do. I say 10-6 every year folks. If you didn't know this, you haven't been paying attention. I am what I am, and I will make no apologies for a being a cheeleader of this football team.

    Today, I put the glass down half empty. I am begging this organization to please figure out a way to start winning football games. I don't care if they have to find 22 players of the street.

    My game balls go to the following:

    Matt Cassel
    Jovan Belcher
    Jamaal Charles
    Brandon Flowers
    and Bobby Wade.

    Everyone else on the team, you failed. You failed your coaches. You failed your fans. ( Again ), and you failed yourselves.

    I dont believe in god. Most know this. But I am going to say it, because I dont want know what else to say.

    GOD SAVE the Kansas City Chiefs.
    Well Said...just thought I'd share that.
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    I can agree whole-heartedly..... last week's loss to Oakland was tough to swallow. But we were 'in' the game only to have it slip away from us in the last few minutes.

    This debacle in Philly was really, really hard to watch. It was painfully obvious that our guys either weren't ready or didn't want to be there.... or both.

    I, too, will be there in front of my TV week after week hoping for the best.... but expecting the worst.

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    I think this post speaks for a lot of us...
    It just might take some divine intervention to save this team at this point...

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    wow, you know the Chiefs are bad when BarryInStLouis starts saying so...i dont think ive EVER heard him say anything negative whatsoever about the Chiefs...

    i agree with him though, i like Haley and the staff and will back them 100%...i agree with pretty much all of their moves (except for a few...) but man, they have got to get this defense to shape up at some point...year after year we spend 1st and 2nd, and 3rd round draft picks on D-Lineman, and they always just get blown off the line of scrimmage....i hope Krumrie gets fired soon, he is a cancer to this organization...

    i think we would let ANY qb in this league, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd stringer and let them go off for 300+ yards and 2+ TD's...that is just pathetic, im sorry....

    Jackson doesnt look like much right now, but i think he will turn out better than Curry, just wait....we made the right choice with him.

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