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Thread: Is haley really that good??

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    Default Is haley really that good??

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    IMO Todd Haley isn't all what he's cracked up to be. I'm sure a lot have people have realised that he's not calling the right plays at the right times enough to make the Chiefs win a game! Before the pre-season started I had a lot of hope for the Pioli-Haley franchise but now I'm not so sure!

    I mean Todd Haley is choosing to run the ball even when it's obvious he should throw the ball to try and gain a first down. He's choosing to run the ball when the chiefs are 3rd and 25 on their own 10 yard line when they were losing 7 - 24! So I don't think it's just me that realises that Todd Haley isn't as good of a Head Coach that we had hoped for him to be.

    I mean maybe we should give him a few more chances or until the end of the year to judge his coaching ability but I would have thought that he would have won atleast 1 game this year! HE HASN'T! 7 games this year (including preseason game) and 7 losses with all the same frustration to it! We even lost to the raiders, 10 - 13, when in the 4th quarter the CB could have made an interception TD return easily if he had only caught the interception instead of dropping it. The outcome of the raiders game would have been 17 - 13 with the chiefs the winners! And the raiders aren't exactly having the best season either, they were actually probably playing worse than the chiefs but the chiefs caused so many more penalties, whioch added upto a total of 7 penalties for 50 yards penlised against the chiefs. And in those 50 yards somehwere quite possibly could have been a touchdown or atleast a field goal!

    That win would not only have given us a record of 1-1 but after the loss to Philadelphia, which was a pretty disappointing game, the record would have still given the chiefs a record of 1 - 2 which doesn't actually look that bad, I mean even the lions have a better record than us, 1 - 2!

    So you have to ask yourself;

    Is Todd Haley really going to last that long if he carries on like this?
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