Here's some pics from my game. Sorry the quality isn't that good. I took with a disposable camera and then photographed the pics on to my photobucket. Plus it was mostly cloudy. And the inside photos didn't always use the flash.

Me behind the Chiefs sideline before the game

Me inside the suite at the beer counter

Me with a Chiefs fan

The Ickles take the field

An end of the stadium

Behind the Chiefs side before the game

Ryan Succop practicing kicks

Behind the Chiefs sideline before the game

Some Chiefs workers

Dustin Colquitt practicing punts

Stadium shot

Front shot outside the stadium

Shot of the stadium before the game

The Chiefs take the field

The Chiefs first possession of the game

Ryan Succop kicking the PAT

Cassel throwing for a td

The Ickles first possession

The Chiefs starting eleven take the field

Ryan Succop kicking another PAT

A high up section of the stadium behind the end zone