I remember not too long ago, on a different team, the players, and media were complaining that their coach was too angry, yelled too much at his players, and was about to lose his locker room. About how the quarterback that they traded for was a bust, and couldnt play in this league. It took a couple of seasons, of unhappy fans, and media calling for his job, and saying he wasnt right for this organization, and how his coaching style, and play calling couldnt win a championship. Know where that coach is today? Coaching right across the field from us.

Tom Coughlin.
When there are 40 plus holes to fill, you cant fill em all at once. Our team has been horrible for the past few years, and even if you brought in Brady, and Bellhichick we still wouldnt be tearing it up. We have to learn to be patient with this rebuilding process. Losing sucks, and aggravates me every Sunday, but we are only 3 games into this new regime. It takes time to build championship teams. Remember how bad the Pats were before they started making playoff runs under their current regime. Look back at any teams past drafts, The first 3 rounds are filled with people who either were hailed as saviors, and couldnt play at this level, Or players who fans complained about drafting that turned out to be superstars. The season is very young, we are still making moves on the roster, and in free agency. This is a work in progress, maybe just not the progress some expected.