I know many people won't like to get any comparations.

But just let's see the Lions .. they already got a WIN, besides they look such a better team than US.

His Coach really is makin' his mark, his Rookie QB is playing Ok, their D is that bad.

But are we that far away to turn this team competitive, I know it will take some time to clean up the mess that Hermie create, but hey just look at Lions .. Matt Millen was such a MESS himself and Rod Marinelli as a ****ty Coach.

But if we look how they look over this season so far ..

They are making a turnaround ..

I don't say Haley is that bad at all, but we should consider that at Arizona he got Warner, Boldin, Fitzgerald .. a decent O-line. But he has shown this year so many times a poor Offense Play callings.

We really need an O. Coordinator

Clancy IMO is that bad coach at "D" but we really need to get better players, get Pass rushers and make our DB play much better.

Also Casell's success at Patriots was part of Having Moss, Welker .. a Good O-line.

Damn .. I wasn't expecting a 10 wins season but at least 5 or 6 and show an Improvement.

By far I guess that best Haley era Addition has been our K Succop even he miss a FG .. he has rebound and probe he's a nice Kicker.