I'm too tired to look it up, but over the past 5 years we've had a ton of draft picks. The "Rebuilding Years". Yet half our startes are veterans we recently picked up. A few decent starters from those draft picks (not many), fewer left-over old chief veterans, and a bunch of guys that would be lucky to be on a practice squad any place else. How in the F does that happen? Herm and Carl were going to Draft our way into the playoffs, and we've not nothing!!! We're trying to win games with old vets, a couple decent starters, a coach that doesn't know he can't call plays, and a bunch of guys that wake up everyday and hope somebody doesn't figure out that they suck. I missed some of the game, did we even have 1 sack today? I saw Manning hurt himself and there wasn't a Chief inside 5 yards. I'm tired of being angry, I just want this BS to end. Once again, Thanks Herm, Thanks Carl, hope you *******s are happy with what you left here.