This is anther game that the chiefs can look back on and think they could have should have would have won if only. They got turnovers but the killer was they could not get touchdowns off them. If they could have converted the turnovers to touchdowns this is an entirly diffrent game.
The D for the most part played good enought to win. Dallas had trouble getting the ball down the field (outside of throwing to whoever legget was covering)
Turnovers and sacks were both something that the chiefs can also say they accomplished.
The chiefs were able to get a late Touchdown in the 2 minuit drill.

Leggit playes for the chiefs. (CUT HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
not that it was all his fault but his play was defently not something that did the chiefs any good.
The O line Sucks yet again. Cassel was getting hit time and time again.
The block field goal turns out to be HUGE, The defender got through there with little trouble. They have got to get better protection. Then and only then will the chiefs win a game.

I no theres going to be alot of hailey bashing but lets look at facts. Yes he continued to try to run the ball. YOU CAN NOT JUST QUIT TRYING TO RUN THE BALL sorry you just cant. We saw a fle flicker (that would have worked better if the ref acutly opend his FREAKING EYES.)It looked like they tried more trick playes but the o line was terrible so they got blown up. This loss outside of the HORRIBLE challange was not haileys "terrible coaching" the cowboys were the team that got all the penaltes the chiefs cut back on them some and thats progress. The simple reason the Cowboys won was becuse they found a WEAK point in the chiefs D aka Leggit and they got 2 long touchdowns. Now you can blame The coaching for leaving him in the game i Will grant you that but I dont no who eles they would put in to replace him at this point. I hopefuly will see that the chiefs signed a CB this week. But all the Hailey bashing needs to calm down. The coaches job is to have his team ready to play and have them in postion to win. The chiefs came ready to play and had chances to win. They loss yes but it does not go all on coaches playcalling. This is not a great football team yet. I think there were some babysteps taken forward. They did force it into overtime. This one while it sucks now might be something the chiefs young players can look at learn from and become a better team in the end.