I personally blame Haley for keeping LJ out there all game when it was obvious he was going nowhere. There are other backs on this team who are better than LJ now and can hit a hole with some speed and illusiveness. LJ is done and he does not have the heart of the lion anymore. Furthermore, if he cannot run the damned ball then he is a liability because he cannot pass protect at all. I give the Chiefs overall some credit for not giving up today, it sucks they lost but itwe all know this year is about rebuilding. Like the announcers said, KC is doing like Dallas did the years right after troy aikman started. The announcers are alot more intuitive than most of us and they firmly believe that Pioli and Haley will build a winner and thats alright with me. Haley is a rookie HC and he will make some bad decisions, but like the players he will learn. We all want to see the Chiefs win and today we thought we might. Maybe if Haley had of gone away from LJ and benched him we could have done just enough to win, but he didn't. So heres how we have to look at this, LJ needs to be gone, and I wouldnt mind seeing Bowe gone at this point either if we could get a 1st, and a 3rd for him in next years draft. I know Bowe has the ability, but he disappears for quarters at a time and sometimes appears to be dogging it. We cannot blame Cassel, it is amazing that with his horrible protection and lack of any running game, he only has 2 i nts this year. He may not be a Peyton Manning or a Drew Brees, but he plays with heart and will get better when his supporting cast gets better. Back to LJ, I wanted so bad to see him do well this year, but its obvious he's not going to... WHo wants to bet Twitlock blames Haley and Cassel for this loss today??