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It was less than half the carries for god sakes! I said in another thread I think that the teams would figure out that JC can't run between the tackles and they would crash the outside thereby resulting in the same problem. O line fixes that problem for any running back. Open holes.....RB has the inside OR outside option and makes the team not so one dimensional.
Well it is a whole lot easier to plug the couple of running lanes hat are right in front of the LBs than to go plug the ones outside. And he shere size of the 5,6,7&8 holes means that you will need more defenders to plug those holes.

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My point is WHY? Everyone in the league knows he's not that much of a threat especially behind this line. He might attack the outside for a half and then they would shut him down! Hell, the O line can't open up holes in the middle, what makes you think their fat asses can get outside to block for him?

Why not?

Oline can't open the holes up the middle?

Hmmm... Let's try the ouside lanes, then? How much worse could it be?