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Thread: KC Star : Chiefs don't have talent to pull off upset of Cowboys

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    Default KC Star : Chiefs don't have talent to pull off upset of Cowboys

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    It was weird and sad, Kansas City's 26-20 overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. The Chiefs wore throwback Dallas Texans uniforms in tribute to their AFL heritage.


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    All my hope for this year is gone. We simply do not have the talent to compete. The Donks are for real, so if we are to get a win it will be against the Faiders.
    Dorsey is playing well, trade him for a first round pick. Draft Sue, an OT, a LB and WR with 4 picks in the 1st two rounds. Sorry my fellow Chiefs fans, its time to completly diassembly and start from scratch.
    I don't want to hear all this about the coaches although there will be changes there too. Now Pioli and Haley will have a better base to fill those positions as well.
    We will all remain loyal an cheer because they are our beloved Chiefs. But this ship is in worse shape than even I wanted to admit.


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